My greatest thanks go to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from whom all blessings flow.  In 2011 I prayed for HIM to show me how I could know him deeper, better, more.. more… more!!  In the beginning of 2012 HE answered my prayer in a most unusual way.  I had been reading another website about a particular diet and was checking to see if they had a Christian support group and they did.  They actually had two.  One of them had over 600 participants.  The other had 5 or 6 so I joined the small one.  The small one had an entry which said if you really want to grow with the Lord this year check out “this” website.  I checked out the site and found a blog to reading the Bible chronologically in 365 days.  The blog was being put together by a lady by the name of Patricia Szymanski and it appeared to be JUST what I needed.  When I returned the next day to thank the person on the diet site … the small Christian group was GONE.  Yes.. you read that right… it was GONE.  I even contacted the site IT administrator about “where the group went” and was told there was NO trace of such a group!!!  YES… that was definitely a God thing and a definite answer to my prayers.  🙂

I also wish to thank my husband, Dave,  for his patience and guidance.  He is the technically gifted, married to the VERY technically challenged.  God truly has a sense of humor when “opposites attract”.  

I could NOT begin to write this blog without a special thank you to Patricia Szymanski.  God used her mightily in my life.  I have never met her face to face, but we share a kinship.  She lives in Tennessee and most of the people who  joined her group were of course in TN… except me.  God placed ME in that study.  

As I began to feel God leading me to do this again this year, I thought I was to host a bible study that would go along with Patricia’s blog for this year.  However, I also felt nudgings that I was to write a blog. Then I discovered Patricia would not be writing another blog this year because the Lord was leading her in a different direction.  Patricia encouraged me along the way.  A class in WordPress just “happened” to come open to teach me how to do a blog.  And now here we are.  

Patricia has been most gracious in allowing me to use the information on her blog.  So for those of you who are joining this blog this year you will notice MANY similarities with Patricia’s.  She reminded me that God simply worked through her to write the blog and I was welcome to use whatever I was lead to use.  WOW!!  Don’t get me wrong, I am reading books like crazy, listening to sound Bible teaching, attend a great Bible based church, have books with maps, time lines, scriptural reference, bible studies, and of course the BIG one is reading the Bible itself. Yet, having Patricia’s blog to reference is nothing less than a gift in my undertaking this project.  

God has placed each of us here for a reason and that reason is to further HIS Kingdom in the way He leads us.  As you read this blog, know I am merely an instrument doing my best to be faithful to what has been set before me.   Your prayers are coveted for God’s wisdom and blessings not just for me but for each one reading this.

I am most sincere when I say to God be the Glory for giving direction, for my husband’s leadership, and for Patricia Szymanski’s faithfulness and wisdom.

Forever grateful,