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HOLY WEEK — A woman anoints Jesus with Perfume

Click here for the reading for today which is John 12:1-11

This will set the timeline with the Scripture saying:  “Six days before the Passover…”

We know Jesus is coming to fulfill THE PASSOVER.  He is coming to be THE LAMB.

Holy Wk mary-anoints-the-feet-of-Jesus


This story is also told in Matthew 26:12 and in Mark 14:8.  However, these both state that “a woman” anointed Jesus with expensive perfume on “his head”.  The Scripture of John has this being done six days before the Passover, just before the Triumphal Entry.  Matthew and Mark put the event just before the Last Supper.  In reading these accounts we must remember that the purpose of the Gospel writers was to give an accurate account of JESUS’ MESSAGE and not to present an exact chronological account of HIS life.

WHY was Mary putting this VERY expensive fragrant oil (nard) on HIM?

“Leave her alone.” Jesus replied.  “It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial.  You will always have the poor among  you, but you will not always have me.”

Mary, in her true nature, is properly preparing the LORD for his upcoming death.  She is anointing HIS body for the burial.  Her actions made HIM the sweet fragrance before HIS being the final sacrifice.  Think back to the 3 gifts the Magi gave HIM.  One gift was for a KING (gold), one was for a Priest (Frankincense), and one was for HIS death (Myrrh).  HE CAME TO DIE!!  Frankincense was very fragrant when burned and was used to make a sweet aroma before the Lord for the burnt offerings/sacrifices (Jesus became the final sacrifice).  The Myrrh was used in burial/embalming as well as for pain medicine.

For those of you who wish to dig deeper here is additional information

Allow yourself to become a sweet aroma before the Lord today .. in your praise, thanksgiving, and in being HIS hands and feet even in the smallest of ways today.

Sharing HIS love,