There are so many AWESOME tools today to help us read the Bible, study it, dig deeper, and simply open ourselves up to God’s Word for us and then watching things change before our eyes.  Here are a few tools I found extremely helpful in my 365 study in 2012 and thought they may also help you:

  1. A good Bible is essential, and there are MANY ways to accomplish this task. You may have a personal favorite you are already using, a family Bible, or one that was given to you and ANY and ALL of those are GREAT.  Reading the Bible is the key thing.
  2. I LOVE the “Life Application Study Bible” (any version you desire).  My current personal favorite is the NIV  (and the large print edition but again that is a personal thing) … I also read many other versions on the internet.  As much as I love the internet, there is just something awesome about opening my Bible and making it my own… highlighting Words or phrases God makes come alive, circling Words that God says over and over again, taking notes in the margins of when God made the Rhama Word pop off the page and if it was a sermon I put the date and place beside it.  I realize not everyone draws in their Bible but for me it is ever so helpful and makes it all the more personal.  However, I am just sharing something that works for me.  🙂
  3. is an awesome site to read your scriptures from  It also has AUDIO capabilities so you can listen while you work :-). In bible gateway you will have access to several versions (just pick one.. anyone) to help your understanding.  You can do comparative reading with the features it offers as well to compare what the versions say.  There is  A LOT more on the bible gateway site but I won’t spoil it all for you… I’ll let you take a peak yourself so you can be amazed in your own timing.
  4. For those with mobile devices YouVersion totally ROCKS.  It allows you access to many versions of the Bible and also has AUDIO capabilities allowing you to listen as you do other things.  I also love the fact that you can take notes as you read the scriptures with this.
  5. is another great site and has a lot of information.  The reason I share this site (it is ONLY available in the KJV) is because it REALLY helped me to understand the TRUE meaning of the Word, Word by Word..
  6. If you are interested in memorizing scripture, I discovered a great site to help me with this.  It is FREE for 30 days and the charge is very minimal (maybe a one time charge of $15.00).
  7. If you are not involved in a solid church that teaches from the Bible, I encourage you to find a church and become involved. Ask HIM where He wants you to go, and He will show you.   God created us to fellowship with each other, minister to each other, and praise Him together.  If you are already in a good church get or stay involved through bible studies, classes they may offer, joining a serving team, facilitate a bible study, well… you get the point.
  8. If you do not have a mentor to help you grow spiritually, ask God to lead you to the one He has for you.  And, you may end up with several 🙂
  9. If you have a desire to be more involved in your church but are not sure what you are “qualified” to do, there is a great website by Ephesians Four Ministries which offers a FREE spiritual gift analysis.  If you are interested in taking this analysis to find out about the gifts God has given you and how you can be more effective in using them this will be of great help to you!!    PLEASE NOTE I have tried several ways to input the link for this website and am unable to make it so you can simply click on the link and go to their site.  However, if you are interested you should be able to cut and past this information into your browser.

I’m sure I’ve overloaded you with potential resources, but don’t let this overwhelm you.  The MAIN THING is to read the Word and be faithful in your reading so you (and I) can have a deep, personal, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. The “helpful resources” are simply tools that you might find useful  in your growth.  .  Please note if there is a cost to any of these (most are free), but if there is a cost I make nothing from them and am in no way tied to any of them.  I simply have found these tools to be an enormous help in my spiritual growth with the Lord Jesus Christ and learning HIS Word and ways.

Be strong and Courageous,

Sharing His love,