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Kings Overview

Just like the two Samuel books were originally one book, so were the books of Chronicles, and the books of Kings also written as 1 book, but separated when translated.

Kings picks up chronologically right where we left off with some overlap which is nice for anyone just joining our reading. The author of the book(s) of the Kings is uncertain, but Jewish Tradition credits Jeremiah as the person God used to pen these books.

The book(s) of Kings will COVER 400 YEARS!!! Yes you read that correctly…. 400 YEARS. There will be a “whole lotta shaking going on…” We started our reading in Genesis at 0 and we are already at 971 BC, and the last 400 years leading to the Cross are “silent” soooo this is a HUGE chunk you will really want to read!

It takes us from David’s death to the golden age of Solomon, The Temple, the Division of the North and South making two separate kingdoms: Israel and Judah, the Fall of Samaria and the destruction of Jerusalem. (Sad.)

The books of Kings and Chronicles show how each decision (CHOICE) in Israel’s history had a corresponding effect (CONSEQUENCE) on the nation. We will start off with a stable UNITED kingdom and end with TOTAL collapse and MASS deportation to Babylon. Some parts of these books might seem dry at times but as far as World History these are two of the most important books we have in the WORLD.

The period of the prophets will be also be introduced in Kings with Elijah.

The next few weeks we will really feel like little jumping beans….. skipping between Kings, Chronicles, Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Songs, and Ecclesiastes. WHAT can I say…it will definitely keep us on our toes??

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