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Journey of the Ark

Journey of the Ark

Yesterday we ended another book in our reading, the book of 2 Samuel. YIPPEE!! GREAT accomplishment!!!

Soon we will begin studying the building of the Temple and the placement of the ARK.

Last year my mentor, Trish gave the following explanation of the Journey of the Ark. I can’t improve on it nor can I add anything to it so I am leaving she wrote it to share with you. What follows is what she wrote: (Thank you Trish!!)

(This is the SAME Ark that Indiana Jones is looking for by the way)

What we know is that the Ark of the Covenant was the place where God met and talked to Moses, it was made out of Acacia wood and covered with Gold. It didn’t “house” the Lord, it was just a means of the Lord having community with us. The Tabernacle was then built for the Ark.

Back in Exodus 25 God gave Moses directions to build the Ark.
Then in Exodus 26 the Veil. This veil needed specific instruction because it was to be strong! The only thing that would tear the Veil would be the Lord. Oh and He did alright!.
Then in Exodus 40 the Ark is now in the Tabernacle
The Ark moves (carried!) in the wandering for 40 years.
In Joshua 3, the Priests carry the Ark across the Jordan River
In Joshua 6 the Ark is carried to Jericho
In Joshua 8 the Tabernacle moves to Shiloh. (stays there a long time)
In Judges 20 the Ark is taken to Bethel
Then we hear about it again when we meet Samuel, who is caring for it as a child
Then the Philistines take the Ark! 1 Sam 4
2 Chapters later they return it! LOL.
Then some men looked into the Ark. Why? to see God. Uhhh they are dead.
IN 1 Samuel 7 the Ark is brought to Abinadab’s and it stays there for 20 years.
Saul then makes the mistake of bringing the Ark with him to the battle camp. (lucky charm)
We clearly remember the Ark moving on the ox cart and Uzzah stabilizing it. Ouch! SO the Ark was halted at the house of Obed-Edom for 3 months.
The Ark is was carried through the gates of the City of David, Jerusalem and put in a tent.
Today we read it is brought to the Threshing floor, the very place the Temple will be built.
Later the Ark will be put in the temple, and where it is now…only God knows. Was it destroyed in the Temple? was it stolen by Nebuchadnezzar? or did the priests hide it? Another one of God’s great mysteries.

Faith would be EASY if we had evidence, wouldn’t it? We would be able to say with our head, “see, God does exist…Here is Noah’s Ark, or here are Moses’ Bones, here are the 10 commandments, here is the Ark of the Covenant”.

In Hebrews 11:1 we learn the definition of Faith:

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

And….without the ARK we would never have movies like Indiana Jones.