Ezekiel 35-37

Ezekiel 35-37

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CHAPTER 35 — We are reading a Prophecy about Edom. Do you remember where they came from? Abraham and Sarah had Isaac. Isaac and Rebekah had twin sons — Esau and Jacob. Technically Esau was the oldest and should have received the double blessing from his father, however, Rebekah encouraged Jacob to dress up like Esau, trick his aging father, and receive the double blessing….and he did. When Esau discovered what had happened he threatened to kill Jacob/Israel and this family tension continued throughout all the ages. If you remember when Moses was leading the people to the promised land? The Israelites asked if they could pass through the land of Edom and they were told NO!! Plus anytime Edom had the opportunity to fight with, steal from, get back at Israel….they did. The final blow in the eyes of God was when the Edomites REJOICED when Judah fell. In several commentaries I have read they say that King Herod of Idumea in the NT was an Edomite!! AND that the Edomites basically disappeared after that. So, King Herod was the last recorded Edomite in history!! And since that time they as a tribe have been lost historically. Other commentaries indicate that the remaining Edomites simply became part of the modern day Arabians. I find it most interesting that Herod, a descendant of Esau was the ONE who tried to kill the baby Jesus of the line of Judah…descendant of Jacob/Israel …but FAILED!! Isn’t it incredible how reading the OT brings such depth to the NT????

At any rate, Mount Seir belonged to the Edomites and they were very proud of it. The Edomites also built an impregnable city….Petra…the city was all built into the rocks of the mountain and was their capital. NO person or peoples could attack them. However, that did not apply to God!!! Today, the area has become very desolate. People who have traveled the area say if you go down to the area of Petra now you’ll find it’s just an extremely desolate area, pretty much uninhabited. Ummmmmm……prophecy fulfilled!!
CHAPTER 36 — In chapter 6 of Ezekiel we read where Ezekiel was told by God to prophesy about the destruction of Judah. Today in this chapter Ezekiel is prophesying about the same area being rebuilt. Unfortunately most of the people living in Babylon at this time would not witness the rebuilding, but IT WOULD HAPPEN IN GOD’S TIMING!! God promises to rebuild Israel in this chapter and if you know people today who have been to Israel then you hear stories of how beautiful and lush the land is, how families are growing, and some prospering. Unfortunately we also know there is war all around them but within the city people can see more prophecies fulfilled. God also reminded the people WHY they were in Babylon…worshiping false gods, worshiping idols, following the advice of false prophets, etc. God’s people were supposed to be HIS Ambassadors!! They were supposed to be shining examples so others could see HIS character through them….but their lives invited others to curse God rather than point to HIS greatness and love and peace….!! And then we read again of all HE is going to do. In verse 22 God’s plan is so obviously stated. All He is doing is for what is to come. This is ALL being done to pave the way for the Messiah to come, since the people will not listen to God, He will restore us by bringing Jesus and giving us a new heart, and a Spirit (vs 27). In verses 22-32 God tells them HE is not doing all of this because of them (us), but because of WHO HE IS. NOTHING WE could ever do could ever SAVE US……it is ONLY because of what HE has done that we can be SAVED. We can be holy because HE is holy, without HIM……we are NOTHING.

Now look at verse 37 … God PROMISES Israel will be restored, they will grow and prosper. Do you see the MODERN DAY PROPHECY in all this?? Israel is Being restored. THINK about the fact that Israel became a nation again in 1948!! THAT was PROPHECY fulfilled…and it is STILL unfolding!!

CHAPTER 37 — The Valley of the Dry Bones!!! This is talking about the “dead in spirit” of the people in the Babylonian captivity, as well as current events of the restoration of Israel as we speak. CAN YOU IMAGINE the LOOK on Ezekiel’s face when the dry bones suddenly had tendons, muscles, skin, bones, faces, and the BREATH of LIFE???? If God created ALL of Adam from a lump of clay..you bet he could put life into dry bones!! AND…isn’t that what happens when we become born again today with Jesus in us?? Before Jesus in our life, we were Spiritually dead…..NO different than those bones Ezekiel was speaking to!! OUR God is a BIG God … HE can do things that we can NOT even imagine. And our BIG GOD WANTS to do BIG things in our lives so we can be used by HIM.

Ezekiel is very unique in that this book has THREE lines of prophecy!! There is Prophecy for Israel, for the Messiah, and for the Tribulation!! This is the ONLY prophecy in history that a generation could read about and see happen in life. Do you realize God chose you and me to be born at a time when you and I could open the prophecy, read it, and SEE it happen.

I know I mentioned Israel becoming a nation again in 1948….but here is more detail. In verse 15…. the 2 sticks in this Scripture represent Judah and Israel. THEN HE makes them one nation coming from the scattered nations (after the dispersion). I realize this may be confusing because this is being prophesied at the time when ONLY 2 of the 3 sieges on Jerusalem had taken place. Jerusalem was not yet totally destroyed and Ezekiel is prophesying about Israel and Judah becoming ONE UNITED nation again!! This prophecy hung out there for over 2000 years, never fulfilled. AND guess what, it was fulfilled, LONG after Ezekiel!! On May 14, 1948 Jews became an independent state after the Arab Israeli war, known as the War of Independence. Does that make sense? Since the Babylonian exile, the nations were dispersed all over, and this prophecy did not came true until 1948. Before this date scholars could say with confidence that the end of days were not here because this prophecy hung out there. BUT NOW…. when you hear people say: We are in the end times, Jesus is coming, the last days, the brink of tribulation….WE ARE! And if you don’t think so…start paying attention to the times, the news, the speed that things are happening!
God’s promise to restore Israel is nothing but love. PURE, AGAPE, LOVE. One of the comments in my LIfe Application Bible states: “No matter how impure your life is right now, God offers you a fresh start. You can have your sins washed away, receive a new heart for God, and have His Spirit within you — if you accept God’s promise. WHY try to patch up your old life when you can have a new one.” AMEN and AMEN.

Sharing HIS love,


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