Ezekiel 28-31

Ezekiel 28-31

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In today’s reading… the Scripture that kept repeating was: “For THEN they will KNOW I am the Sovereign Lord.” I know it is not the first time we have seen this in Ezekiel, but today it really jumped off the page to me. God REALLY wanted/wants EVERYONE to KNOW that HE was/is/forever will be THE SOVEREIGN Lord God Almighty, but the people had had many chances to see and believe this but rebelled/refused. NOW.. God was making it VERY plain for EVERYONE to see and know. I don’t know if you ever heard the expression: “You can do ‘it’ the easy way or the hard way…but you are going to do ‘it’!” This is what I kept thinking when I was reading these chapters today.

Although Jeremiah, Daniel, and Ezekiel are all prophesying around the same time they each are doing it from different vantage points. Jeremiah was in Jerusalem speaking to those who were not in captivity. Jeremiah saw all three stages of the attacks with Babylon, chose to be in Jerusalem to prophesy to HIS people. Ezekiel is now hundreds of miles away prophesying while in exile in Babylon. No matter how much I say this, it still seems important …… Jerusalem/Judah had WITNESSED Israel taken into captivity. Yet regardless of the Prophets God sent to warn them and tell them what they needed to do to be saved…..Jerusalem STILL refused. Now…Jeremiah is still prophesying in Jerusalem and Ezekiel is prophesying in Babylon. AND…Daniel is God’s Prophet in the royal palace of the King of Babylon. As we read this we already know that Assyria crushed Egypt in a world Power attempt. Then Babylon came in and took them both.

CHAPTER 28 — This chapter incase you are like I am and think you are reading the same thing over again is written about the King of Tyre whereas chapter 26 was written specifically about the city of Tyre. I don’t know about you but look at all the King of Tyre was and all he had. God KNEW him before He was born (like HE does each of us) and God greatly blessed him. But now….he would fall. What did the King of Tyre do that was so wrong? We saw in chapter 26 that the city of Tyre REJOICED in the demise of Jerusalem because they believed it would make them more powerful. The King of Tyre was allowing this new found power to go to his head!! He became an interesting type of antichrist!! Thessalonians 2 declares that the antichrist is going to come and stand in the temple of God and declare that he is God and demand to be worshipped as God in the last days. OF course this is LONG before Jesus Christ but the King of Tyre began declaring himself to be God, setting himself up as a god. The king of Tyre assumed the god role, proclaimed himself to be God, and began to demand that the people worship him!! NEVER a good sign!!! Commentaries I have read about this chapter say that the verses speaking of his beauty, all the gemstones, being in the garden of Eden are actually discussing satan in this chapter which fits in with this king being a kind of antichrist to his people.

In Chapters 28-32 there are 6 prophecies dealing with the judgement on Egypt.

In 587 three of Judah’s kings in a row all looked to Egypt (instead of the Lord) for help. I am sure according to man’s way it seemed logical to have the “strong man” on their team as they faced battle. However, God’s Word tells us our ways are not HIS ways and HIS ways and HIS thoughts are higher than ours. Egypt was always an enemy of Israel (I don’t know but it seems that Judah FORGOT about the 400 YEARS THEIR people were SLAVES in EGYPT.) Egypt also worshipped many false gods, created idols, and certainly did not hide their pagan lifestyle. And when they did align with Israel it was only for their own personal gain. (Kind of like a Christian marrying a nonChristian believing somehow that God will fix the other person….yet God tells us “do not be unequally yoked.) So Israel voluntarily became unequally yoked and we see how well that worked.

CHAPTER 29 — Vision 1 — God is so amazing, I mean HE KNOWS the language each of us understand and HE uses that so we will “get it.” Tyre is a ship (since it was a coastal nation they would understand these word pictures). Egypt is a crocodile. Verse 11 says no man will live there for 40 years. From the time Egypt was attacked by Nebuchadnezzar to the rise of Persia was 40 years.

Vision 2: Nebuchadnezzar never received anything for his conquest and the treasure would slowly be stolen by inhabitants passing through the land.

CHAPTER 30 — Vision 3 — 15 months BEFORE Jerusalem fell, Pharaoh’s army was defeated.

CHAPTER 31 — Vision 4 — 13 months before Jerusalem fell, Egypt was told that Babylon had taken bigger armies than theirs…warning…..in other words…. Egypt…you’re going DOWN…and they did. Today we see pictures of the days of Egypt’s opulence…the Sphinx, the Pyramids……there are also archeological digs proving where Jeremiah laid stones and where Nebuchadnezzar came in and built his throne on top of those very stones. We all hear about how advanced the Egyptians were in their culture and architecture. However, in many ways……Egypt is still just now coming out of THIS period of destruction.

There is so much here, but don’t give up or allow any feelings of being overwhelmed to prevent you from grasping what God would have YOU learn from today’s reading. ASK God what HE would have you to know. For me personally…I struggle to understand Ezekiel. However, I pray and read and read and read some more. I KNOW that this year…it makes a little more sense than it did last year. So…. just absorb what The Lord shows YOU and keep reading HIS Word. I am continually amazed at the accuracy of the prophecies……I KNOW we serve an awesome God. Yet it still amazes me to know how far in advance these things were prophesied and to know when they came to pass….remember…..HIS story.. HIStory!!


Sharing HIS love,


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