Ezekiel 24-27

Ezekiel 24-27

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Chapter 24 — The cooking pot illustration, some illustration eh? The first wave of captives had already been taken so the people left behind thought they were “choice meat”…(maybe a little pride there??) NOTHING goes unnoticed by GOD. HE sees all and discipline will come if we continue down the wrong path without repentance. God in HIS love, mercy, grace, and all HIS awesomeness does things in HIS timing….not ours. Judah had seen Israel taken into captivity. Jerusalem began to see parts of Judah taken into captivity and after three sieges by Babylon….all of Judah except the very very poor would be taken captive. Jerusalem was warned over and over and over again and practically begged through the Prophets to TURN BACK TO GOD …. but they didn’t listen. NOW…God is telling them your judgement is here…now..no escape…it will be long…but THEN you will KNOW I am God.

This story is told the day that Jerusalem came under attack by Babylon. The attack lasted 2 YEARS. God was using Babylon to discipline HIS people. God will use who He will use.

God told Ezekiel NOT to mourn the death of his wife as a parallel for the exiles not to mourn for their brothers under the 2 year attack in Jerusalem that was occurring. Ezekiel is oh so very obedience. He did EXACTLY as The Lord told him. WE see no indication that he questioned this in anyway. He simply obeyed The Lord. WHAT AN EXAMPLE!!! I can’t imagine being asked NOT to grieve following the death of someone I love dearly.

The next chapters are regarding the surrounding nations. God was disciplining HIS people for their disobedience …… and HE was also keeping HIS Promise concerning other nations for their treatment of HIS people. These chapters remind me of God’s PROMISE wayyyyyyy back in Genesis to Abraham. According to our reading of the Bible, Jews are the “chosen people of God” and dearly loved by Him. We read of God’s promise in Genesis 12:2-3, “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you” (this is also mentioned in Genesis 27:29 and Numbers 24:9). The Abrahamic Covenant is an unconditional Promise of God. God will STILL bless those who bless HIs people and curse those who curse HIS people, which is why it is so important that our nation support the nation of Israel TODAY. God’s Promises are forever. And we witnessed in our reading today how God was “cursing those who cursed HIS people.”

Here is a map of the areas we are reading about today so you can see that these cities SURROUNDED Jerusalem/Judah.

ezekiel Jerusalem surrounded by enemies__map

So what had these other nations done that “cursed HIS people?”

Ammon/Ammonites (remember Ammon was a son of Lot through incest with one of his daughters) was being judged over their JOY concerning the destruction of The Temple.

Moab/Moabites (the other son of Lot also from incest with his other daughter) was being judged for LAUGHING at Judah’s wickedness. Can’t you just imagine the thoughts of the Moabites……’hey….they are not so special….they are NO DIFFERENT than anyone else and it is good to see them suffer???”

Edom/Edomites (remember where this people came from….. Esau and Jacob were the twin sons of Isaac…Jacob before he became Israel robbed Esau of his double blessing….Esau loved to eat and was called Edom) welllllllll…..Edom RADICALLY hated the Jews because they were not Edomites.

Philista (remember David and Goliath the Philistine AND also remember that when Moses lead the people out of Egypt God did not take them through the land of the Philistines which was the shortest route because they were too strong for HIS people wayyyyyy back then) welllllllll….the Philistines STILL sought vengeance on the Israelites/Judeans.

Tyre — it was a coastline city. Tyre REJOICED when Jerusalem fell thinking NOW they would CONTROL all the Sea Trade business. Ummmmmmm…….not good….the consequence….Nebuchadnezzar attacked them for this “priceless” land for FIFTEEN YEARS!! Some of the Scriptures in Chapter 27 are actually prophecy of the finality of Tyre during the years not in the Bible between the OT and NT.

SO….again…God was keeping HIS Promise that was part of the Abrahamic Covenant with HIS people. God’s Word and HIS character are the same yesterday, today, and forever….HIS promises are forever. As important as this is remember that God left us these examples in the OT for a reason. We are greatly blessed to be on this side of the cross. BUT we also have a responsibility to ASK GOD to search our hearts and make us aware if our behavior is like that of the Ammonites, Moabites, or Edomites, Tyre … or any of the nations in the eyes of The Lord.

Something very interesting to me is I did a little research on our Nation’s Presidents and their relationship and attitude toward Israel and/or the Jewish people. I looked at the Presidents beginning with Truman in 1948 when Israel became a Nation. What amazed me when I did my short research was that when our Nation’s Presidents blessed Israel we were blessed even more as a Nation. And when our Nation’s Presidents did not support Israel….our Nation faced more challenges. Coincidence….I doubt it. This is NOTHING Scriptural, simply an interesting piece of research for me as God opened my own eyes. If you ever get a chance….and are interested….let me know what you find.

Sharing HIS love,


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