Ezekiel 13-15

Ezekiel 13-15

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We are watching the 3 waves of captivity occurring from a first person perspective, Ezekiel’s.

CHAPTER 13 — The title of this chapter in my Bible is “The false prophets.” We have read a LOT about false prophets and what God thinks of them…..ummmmmm….like He does not like them because they pridefully lead HIS people astray. We read about them in Kings, Chronicles, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and possibly in other books too. We have seen men and women (which Ezekiel also addressed in this chapter) tell the people a bold face lie!! They would tell them that The Lord had come to them with news such as: you will all be wealthy, or everything that is happening to us now will not last long, or you are doing the best you can so continue living for and bowing down before your gods …..it’s all going to be just fine….NOT!!! Today we see some of the same messages and there is just enough truth in them for the messages to be believable. As human beings we WANT to believe the easier, gentler, kinder messages. However, God’s Word is God’s Word…..we can’t pick and choose what we believe…we MUST KNOW what God’s Word says so we are not lead astray by false doctrine or false prophets. In this chapter it is very clear that God condemns false prophets who twist scripture and make their own doctrine or their own way to salvation.

CHAPTER 14 — The title of this chapter in my Bible is “Idolatry.” God certainly knows our nature doesn’t He? HE KNOWS how easy it is for us to make our own idols. Some people today still worship stones, statues, or other obvious things that are idols. HOWEVER, then there are the idols we can’t see…..where do we turn when our life is falling apart? What do we do when there is a death and our entire world is upside down? Idols are very SAD because we may not even realize that we have taken God off the throne……and you KNOW that is exactly what an idol does. Anything…. ANY thing we turn to other than God……all takes God off the throne. Ezekiel tells the people what God says will happen (and you KNOW this made them happy to hear all this right??) GOD tells Ezekiel that HE is going to send 4 Judgments on HIS people:

Wild Beasts

SO….if God loves HIS people SOOOO much WHY would HE do such a thing??? The answer is plain and simple……“THEN they will know that I am the Lord”. He WANTS Everyone to know He is the Lord no matter HOW he has to get their attention. FOR YEARS GOD has tried to get HIS people’s attention. HE has let them KNOW ALL they had to do was TURN BACK TO HIM and REPENT and HE would be their God and they would be HIS people. EVEN in this chapter, we see another plea from GOD…… TURN BACK and REPENT. Do the people listen??????

CHAPTER 15 — The title in my Bible for this chapter is “Jerusalem, a useless vine.” If a vine does not produce fruit it is useless. This is a parable to describe Jerusalem. Jerusalem was not worth anything now ….. but it was burning. Jesus himself uses this example when speaking to US in John 15 when HE speaks about HIM being the vine and we are the branches.

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