Ezekiel 12

Ezekiel 12

Click here for today’s reading http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ezekiel%2012&version=NLT

Are you confused? Just remember that Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel although different ages, were ALL Prophets of the ONE TRUE GOD and they ALL lived during the same time period…just in different locations. Ezekiel was born in Jerusalem and was taken captive into Babylon on the second attack of Babylon (there would be a third which would result in total destruction.)

Today we are reading a Prophecy about Zedekiah whom we have already read about. BUT again…..all three of these prophets lived during the same time frame and are preaching to a different group of people—some in Jerusalem (Jeremiah)—some in Babylon (Ezekiel) — and some in the royal castle of Babylon (Daniel.)

However, through it all can you see that ALL of this points to Jesus. I believe the OT reminds us of our true nature…we are ALL like Israel and Judah. Through this reminder, a quite detailed reminder, it is important to see the focus and the need of the coming Messiah. We ALL have a gianormous need to know Jesus Christ as our personal Savor and our Lord….God KNEW our NEED and prophesied about the coming Messiah…..the HOPE!! On every page we can see the coming Messiah, from the line of David, the remnants of Judah, and the Spirit which was mentioned yesterday a lot with the Ezekiel and with the Cherubim’s obedience to the Spirit….the Spirit that NOW lives in US because of what Jesus did for us!! On this side of the cross it is all about relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior…..a RELATIONSHIP. Ezekiel spoke yesterday about God making a way to give them undivided hearts for HIM, a new Spirit to LIVE in them/us which is where the new heart comes from, hearts of flesh that will walk in the ways of the Lord. THEN they will be my people and I will be there GOD.

IF you recall in our reading yesterday, there was a man in white linen who had a writing kit and marked the foreheads of those who were to be saved. WHY were these people saved and not the others? BECAUSE…these were the ones who were grieved by the SAME things that grieved The Lord. The ONLY way to grieve the same things that grieve The Lord is to KNOW HIM through HIS Word, HIS character, HIS ways. THIS comes from a TRUE relationship with The Lord. So what is a relationship with The Lord like? What is a close relationship with another person in your life like? You want to BE with that person, you want to KNOW them…all there is to know about them…you are excited to do things together…talk about things…know things are held in confidence…learn and grow from them…. Well.. a relationship with our Lord is no different….just deeper. God wants us to want to be with HIM, read HIS Word so we can KNOW HIM deeply, LISTEN to HIM so we know how to live and what to do, PRAY to HIM about all things, Praise HIM, Worship HIM, WALK with HIM…..get the picture?

I always think of Enoch WAY back in Genesis who walked with The Lord for 300 years and then The Lord took him up with HIMself because of their relationship. And it was because of their relationship that God saved Enoch from the flood and the aftermath!! WOW!!

Each of these Prophets had a close relationship with The Lord. The obeyed HIM but they also spoke to HIM, were honest with HIM, and desired above ALL things to do HIS will and remain close to HIM. Yesterday when we read about the Glory Of The Lord departing from the Temple I mentioned that was such a SAD HUGE moment. However, think about that in today’s world…. WE…YOU AND I are the Temple of The Lord. The Holy Spirit DWELLS within us. Do we listen to HIM? Do we allow HIM to teach us? Or do we totally ignore HIM as a Christian and continue in unforgiveness, and unrepentant sin? Some of us listen or pray when it is convenient for us rather than doing it simply as a part of our lives. God desires our hearts…ALL of them….so HE can WRITE his ways upon them..so we will be HIS people and HE will be our God.

SO…if the OT is an example of our true nature without God dwelling within us…it is there NOT to condemn us or make us feel guilt and shame…but to convict us so we make a choice NOT to be LIKE Israel and Judah…but so that we WANT to turn our hearts to HIM……write on my heart Lord…write on my heart.

Remember as you read today’s reading that Ezekiel was prophesying to the people about the future of Jerusalem and King Zedekiah (remember his eyes were gouged out so although he lived there….. he really could never see Babylon.) The people whether they were in Jerusalem, in Babylon, or in the castle in Babylon were listening to false prophets. They WANTEd to believe their time in Babylon would be short. BUT all three TRUE Prophets were telling them what God told them to say…. ummmmmm…NOPE this is not going to be short lived. Many of the captives would die in Babylon and many in Jerusalem would also die. They were being encouraged to make a life in Babylon because they would be there 70 YEARS… for many of them a lifetime. Some would be born in exile and some would die there.

So does it make sense how the OT is an example of our true nature without God. It is also a entire book of HOPE….HOPE in the Messiah that was prophesied and would come. WE are WITNESSES that Jesus Christ was prophesy fulfilled. Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel were witnesses of many fulfilled prophecies…they also were prophets for things to come in…..the 2nd coming!!

Sharing HIS love,


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