Ezekiel 1-4

Ezekiel 1-4

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The Book of Ezekiel calls us to join in a fresh and living encounter with our God, the ONE TRUE GOD. He challenges us to experience a life changing vision of God’s power, knowledge, eternal presence and holiness; to let God direct us; to comprehend the depth of and commitment to evil that lodges in each human heart; and ultimately to experience a living relationship with Jesus Christ, who said that the new covenant is to be found in His blood. If we are not over comers through Jesus Christ then we will be over come. It is not something we DO but who we ARE when we ask Jesus Christ to live within us.

There are three Apocalyptic books in the Bible: Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation. Apocalyptic means “lifting of the veil” or ”revelation”. God will show his Glory to Ezekiel and give us a glimpse.

Ezekiel means “God is strong” or “God Strengthens”. In spite of captivity, God prevails, restores and strengthens us. Ezekiel, born and raised in Judah is taken into captivity and then becomes a priest a few years later. Why did God use Ezekiel (He was also using Jeremiah and Daniel at the same time), He used him to help the Jewish people in exile to understand:

WHY they were there;
to let them KNOW this was going to take a long time;
bring a message of HOPE;
to point people TOWARD God.

CHAPTER 1 — The verse that really caught my attention was verse 3: “…and he FELT the hand of the Lord take hold of him.” OH WHAT a BEAUTIFUL statement.. Ezekiel FELt the hand of The Lord take hold of him…there was NOOOOO doubt from where the vision came. The vision is rather awesome. God is visualized in a huge lightning storm (love that!) with 4 Cherubim standing in a hollow square with backs to each other wing to wing. The cherubim have 4 faces.

The lion as Strength
The ox as Servant
The man as Intelligent
The eagle as Divinity
And a Rainbow over it all representing COVENANT (remember God’s covenant with Noah after the flood!) With the intersecting wheels. Everything moved when the Lord did. He is complete control of it all. The Cherubim are in TOTAL obedience to The Lord. The Cherubim had NO hesitation…wherever the spirit went they went…no doubt…no wondering…just obedience that Ezekiel could witness.

CHAPTER 2 — We read in verse 2: “The Spirit came into me as he spoke, and he set me on my feet. I listened carefully to his words.” Notice the S in Spirit is capitalized meaning the Holy Spirit came to him and SET him on his FEET!! Once again…. I so love the way Ezekiel KNEW who is was speaking with ….NO DOUBTS. God tells him further in the chapter that whether the people listen to him or not is not the most important thing….the fact that they know a TRUE Prophet of the living God is among them. Ezekiel’s success was not on the outcome of his message but of his obedience in fulfilling his purpose!! How often do we compare ourselves to the results of others, or how they appear to live and God does not want us to compare ourselves to ANYone but HIMself, so we may become more like HIM. God does not judge our witnessing by how people respond to it but that we DO IT.

CHAPTER 3– God wanted to be sure Ezekiel had HIS Word in him and in his HEART so he would ALWAYS KNOW the Word. Ezekiel commented that the Words of The Lord were so very sweet…as sweet as honey. How Sweet are the Words of the Lord! “Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.” (Romans 10:17) We (you and me..together or as individuals can NOT go out to do the work of the Lord without His Word in us, and not just in us but in verse 10 Taken to Heart. Being a Christian means God desires us to KNOW HIS Word so it is written on the flesh of our hearts. On our best day we are weak with the Word BUT GOD is our strength. However, if we CHOOSE not to read HIS Word, and allow it to fill out hearts we become even weaker because we are trying to do things on OUR OWN and that simply will not work. God made sure that Ezekiel not only had the Word of the Lord in him but that it was IN HIS HEART.

CHAPTER 4 — So after the proper mourning period (days for Israel and Judah while laying on his right and left side), representing the spiritually dead; THEN Ezekiel began his mission for the Lord. What touched me in this reading was the fact that God not only prepared Ezekiel mentally for what he was to do, but God made sure Ezekiel had food and water for EACH day he was to lay on his side(s). How tender and loving our God really is. Now, Ezekiel had a HUGE job in front of him…once again he is to tell the people exactly what they do NOT want to hear!!! Ezekiel will represent the judgement on Judah. He will be uncomfortable for each day representing each year. Ezekiel being a priest knew that preparing food with human poop was against the law, so God allowed him to cook his food over cow manure instead. The dung represented the spiritual uncleanliness of the people.

I was blessed that during all of this that I could not find anywhere where the Word said that Ezekiel was afraid of what he saw or of what the Lord said to him. I know the Lord made it clear to him what he was to say and do and told Ezekiel not to be afraid while doing His work. I wonder what I would do if I saw such a vision, would I be afraid, would I be at peace … I like Ezekiel’s response. I also found it comforting that Ezekiel felt comfortable sharing with the Lord his concerns about cooking with human dung. Ezekiel was very honest with God about his concerns of cooking with human dung and then God’s compassion shown through!!

Sharing HIS love,


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