I feel as if I am continually asking for your forgiveness, but I truly come to you with a humble heart ….. a family medical emergency…..a family wedding….and I can’t explain it but the internet connection has been down for several days.  Again, I am so sorry.

Last year my mentor presented this list of questions which helped me solidify HOW we got to the situation in Jeremiah.  I am not a teacher but learned so much from answering  these questions (or was reminded of so much.)  I pray  they do the same for you.  AND…thank you all so much for your forgiveness.

There will be another large entry for today so be on the look out for it <<<smile>>>>>

How did we get to Jeremiah

Why did Sin enter the World?
Why did God put an Angel to Guard the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden?
In Genesis 3:21, why did God make a garment for them?
Why is Noah spared? What does the word Remnant mean in the Bible?
When Abraham brought Isaac up to Mt. Moriah in Genesis 22, what was God showing Abraham a foreshadow of?
How did the Family of Jacob become “slaves” in Egypt? Why were they even in Egypt? What Sin led them there?
How did God Redeem the Hebrews out of Slavery? What was the cost?
What is the Purpose of the Book of the Law?
How come the Hebrews were denied access into the Promise Land?
Why did the Hebrews have to sacrifice an animal on the Alter in the Tabernacle?
When the Hebrews did get into the Promise land, what was their first Priority? Did they do it?
What is the Purpose of the Book of Deuteronomy?
Why was Moses denied access into the Promise Land? Who was the Leader into the Promise Land?
In the book of Judges, when did God raise up a Judge to help the Hebrews?
Was Ruth a Hebrew?
After Judges, the Hebrews were given to the reign of kings. Why? Was this the Will of God?
Why was it Unwise for Jeroboam to divide the Kingdom?
How long did God raise up Prophets with a message of Repentance?
What were the Hebrews to repent from?
What are the Prophets warning will be their consequence if they do not Repent?


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    1. Hi locnationnaturalhairsalon! I would love to say thank you for your complement, but if you sense anything amazing it TRULY is the Holy Spirit working through me …for HIM. God Bless you for reading!!
      Sharing HIS love,

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