Chronological Events in Jeremiah’s Times

The following information is a list of chronological events of Jeremiah’s times put together by my mentor from last year with the blog. She is a very blessed teacher and you can see it by the way she puts things together like this.

I found this list very helpful in keeping the history in line…hope you do as well <<<smile>>>

The list is in B.C. dates so they will span 40 years counting down.

628 Josiah begins his reform
626 Jeremiah is called by God
622 The Book of the Law is found.
609 Josiah is slain at Megiddo by Pharaoh
612 Ninevah is destroyed by Babylon
605 Judah is subdued by Babylonia. Judah’s first captivity.
605 Battle of Carchemish:Babylon crushes Egypt.
597 Jehoiachin is taken prisoner.
593 Zedekiah visits Babylon
586 Jerusalem is burned. The temporary end of David’s kingdom.

Sharing HIS love,


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