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An Oracle concerning Nahum. An oracle is a message from God.

CHAPTER 1 — we see God as judge. A judge ruling over a wicked city. God as a judge, according to Chapter 1 is jealous, avenging, filled with wrath, great in power, justified, and indignant. However, He is also the Father of all people and He has been slow to anger, Good, a stronghold in a day of trouble, and trustworthy.

CHAPTER 2 — may be hard to read, but God is Holy, Just, and Perfect. Because God is Holy, He can NOT be in the presence of sin. He will not tolerate it and eventually He does punish Sin. He has to. This book began as a War against sin and it will end that way too. These chapters are a detailed description of God’s wrath. The detail with each sentence, each topic is powerful….Restoration for Judah….Red shields for the soldiers, warriors clothed in scarlet….flaming torches darting about like lightening….a protective shield…..!! Assyria has been enjoying the “big” life….lots of money…lots of power…cruelty in their power and wealth….no provisions for the poor and needy….enjoying their sin and wanting more of it. BUT God reveals to us that NO power, NO strength, NO money can SAVE us…. ONLY God can SAVE us which is why Jesus came for us!! However, SIN is SIN…regardless of who is doing it and God tells us it never goes us noticed. We either repent or continue in our sin…notice God NEVER tells us we are to be perfect!! NONE of the Bible heroes were perfect….they were however faithful, sought forgiveness, TURNED BACK to HIM and repented when needed. God desires the same from us…not perfection but a deep abiding relationship with HIM through Jesus so we may TRANSFORM more into HIS image through knowing HIS Word (Romans 12:1-2)

CHAPTER 3 — So what was the prophecy??? Outside of these great walls of the great nation of Assyria were the Medes and the Babylonians who were both growing in power. Inside the walls, pandemonium is breaking out as the drunken army tries to defend their city. But God has caused a flood to take down the walls for them. (This makes me wonder in yesterday’s reading when Hezekiah dammed up the river…..if that was part of God’s plan to flood the walls of Assyria in today’s reading???) The queen was taken captive in the confusion and her maidservants were screaming. The Medes are yelling, “plunder the Gold, plunder the silver” And Nineveh is destroyed forever. WHY were they destroyed….because they had forgotten their relationship with God and returned to all their pagan ways (remember Jonah was sent to convert Nineveh over a hundred years ago….so they KNEW God…they had converted….but now wanted NOTHING to do with God. They were happy campers living in their sin, thinking their power, money, and strength could save them from anything……ummmmmm….NOT!!

This prophecy came true, exactly as described in 612 BC.
I KNOW this book was written as hope for Judah so they would no longer be held captive under Assyria, but as I read this I once again can’t help but see so MANY similarities in Assyria and in our world today. The majority of our world is pulling away from God..”doing it their way”….seeing whose got the most strength, money, power…and WHO can CONTROL the world. Our own country is trying to get rid of all traces of God on the money, on public buildings, in public places, and on and on. However, God is God and HE NEVER CHANGES. He does not like sin. HE wants people to TURN BACK to HIM with all their hearts and obey HIM in all areas. Revelation tells us that Jesus will come again and ONLY those who have CHOSEN HIM as their Lord and Savior in their hearts and live for HIM with join HIM in the NEW Jerusalem. We don’t know when HE will come….but we KNOW HE will come again…..LOOK at ALL the prophecies we have seen come to pass!!! HIS 2nd coming will happen. JESUS IS HOPE!! HE is our ONLY HOPE….all else is worthless. So where is your hope?

Sharing HIS love,


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