2 Kings 18:9-37; Psalms 46, 80, 135

2 Kings 18:9-37; Psalm 46, 80, 135

Click here for reading http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2%20Kings%2018%3A9-37%3B%20Psalm%2046%2C%2080%2C%20135%20&version=NIV;AMP

2 KINGS 18: 9-37 — Incase you feel as if this all sounds REALLY familiar…. it IS…we have read all this last week in Isaiah. However, note the time frames. The first part of our read is sort of a flash back and we re-read the Assyrian’s taking Israel into Captivity and WHY they are being held captive.

Then we jump to 10 years later, the 14th year of Hezekiah’s reign, placing us about 701 B.C. (numbers get closer to zero as we get closer to the NT) Sennacherib, king of Assyria, is the son of the king that deported Israel’s people (Northern Territory). To keep them from attacking the southern territory, Judah, they paid them an annual tribute. But when Sennacherib took his fathers reign, Hezekiah stopped paying, thinking Assyria would just forgot or ignore them (ummmm…NOT!!) Do you remember when Hezekiah “showed off” all his riches, all the Lord gave him he was prideful about……well the people he “showed off” all his riches to REMEMBERED his massive riches and came for them!!

Sennacherib began to attack, so Hezekiah quickly paid him all he had, but it didn’t matter Sennacherib attacked anyway (look at the cross references…and see how many of them came from Isaiah…..YEP…God gave Isaiah the words to prophesy it ALL!!!)

PSALM 46: This Psalm begins with What is your view of God?? The Psalm begins with “God is our refuge and strength, an EVER PRESENT HELP in times of trouble..” And it ends with “Be Still and know that I am God”. This reminds me of when Elijah heard and felt the wind, felt the earthquake, and saw the fire ….. BUT HE HEARD The Lord God in a WHISPER!! (1 Kings 19)

PSALM 80 — This is a Psalm about Restoration. My favorite verse was “Restore us, O God; make your face shine upon us that we may be saved.” The SAME thing is said in verses 3, 7, and 19. I find it interesting how God repeated it three times!!! I’d say this is important!!

PSALM 135– We are reminded in the Psalm of praise that God is God….there is NO OTHER. HE is the ONLY ONE worthy of praise….any other form of worship is a waste of time.

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