Isaiah 35-36

Isaiah 35-36

“ONLY” Two Chapters in today’s reading….but two VERY important ones so soak every Word in.

Click here for today’s reading:;NIV

Chapters 1-34 of Isaiah have delivered a message of judgement on Israel. Judah, and ALL Nations due to their own rejection of God (rebellion, stubbornness, disobedience, and ALL sin that separated them from God.) Bottom line…these people as individuals and as nations made CHOICES that separated them from God and brought judgement upon them. But….there is a REMNANT….there is always a remnant!!

CHAPTER 35: My Bible titles this chapter as “Joy of the Redeemed.” This chapter is FULL of HOPE. Chapter 34 spoke of great distress when God will judge ALL people for their CHOICES and actions. Now Chapter 35 gives us a vivid picture of ALL CREATION praising HIM. I just have this picture of that day….animals, trees, flowers, wind, waves, water, PRAISING HIM in ways we never knew possible. WE WILL be bowed before HIM casting our crowns HE gives us at HIS feet….singing praises to HIS NAME!!! WOW!!! We have read it as Historical Prophecy as well as current Prophecy. So as you read Isaiah, it may speak you you personally in one of three ways, and I would so love knowing which of the ways spoke to you……or did God show you something different?

The Scriptures that spoke the loudest to me was verse 4: “say to those with fearful hearts, Be strong, do not fear; your God will come…” God is a loving God and HE came to SAVE HIS children!! As children of God who choose to follow HIM with all our hearts….we have NO need to fear…NONE…regardless of what the newspapers, internet, nightly news has to say…regardless of what the doctor reports have to say….regardless of what things LOOK LIKE…. we have NO-THING to FEAR!! AHHHH… there is that “peace that passes understanding…”

Then verse 8 “And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness.” The “Way of Holiness” is the way that righteous pilgrims will take from the desert of suffering to Zion (Jerusalem). Who are the righteous pilgrims? Righteousness ONLY comes by KNOWING God through Jesus Christ!! ONLY the righteous in God will walk this highway of Holiness in that day. Does that not make you want to dance for HIM?? It is found ONLY by following God…..ONLY by following HIM, knowing HIS Word, seeking HIM with ALL we are, desiring with all our being to obey HIM, and being HIS light and HIS salt on this earth. Following God has NO-THING to do with rituals, jewelry, clothing, possessions, statues, etc……don’t get me wrong…there is NOTHING wrong with having nice things or having certain things we do in our homes to focus on say Christmas or Easter to make memorable events around this times in building our families. However, when we worship the events and the things above our creator…..that’s when the idols develop. Think about Eve…..she KNEW God…very personally….she talked with HIM daily (as did Adam)…yet the enemy caused her to question what God really said and rather than Eve stopping and asking God to help clarify…..she made a decision based on confusion. It is an EASY thing to do, isn’t it? Coming before God to ask, takes time. Often HIS answers are not immediate (but they can be). So what do we do….we jump to a conclusion that will forever change our lives. THANK God HE is forgiving and WANTS us to TURN BACK TO HIM….. just think…. Eve was living in a microwave mindset and they didn’t even have microwaves!!! LOL!!

Now that I’ve shared my favorite verses from this chapter with you here are the three possible areas God may be speaking with you today. Maybe one of them is what God personally had for you.

First, as God in one swift move collapses the most powerful nation in the World, the Assyrians, so that His People, the ones He loves even though they have sinned and sinned and sinned can now be redeemed. And as they enter back into the Holy Land, they see all God’s Splendor! They see, and acknowledge God as their SAVIOR.

Second, whatever message God has for YOU KNOW it is for you and is VERY PERSONAL….our PERSONAL REDEMPTION through Jesus Christ!! When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, nothing, I mean Nothing … NO – THING is EVER the same EVER again. Our Blind eyes are opened, our Deaf ears can now hear, and the Lame leap like a deer!!! Is that not GLORIOUS!!! God may be speaking about physical conditions in these Scriptures that people are healed from…..or HE may be speaking about spiritual blindness, deafness, and lameness…..again that people are healed from.

Last, there will be a Final Redemption. When the whole world will be judged and the remnant will be taken up to Zion, the largest battle will happen and God will win (ummmmm…incase you want to KNOW how I KNOW this….I read the final chapter of the Book…hope I’ve not spoiled the ending for anyone….<<<smile>>>>)

CHAPTER 36. The defeat of the Assyrian Army is recorded 3 times in the Bible. Here in Isaiah, 2 Kings 18-19, and 2 Chronicles 32. When you think of Miracles, this should be on your TOP 10 list of MIRACLES. Do you keep a list of miracles that have happened in the Bible….if not… will open your eyes? Also…. a list of prophesies that have come to pass….another eye opener!! When I keep these lists….it is a great source of comfort for me when I face challenges or my focus gets on the things of the world. God’s miracles and God’s prophesies that have come to pass… my TRUST in HIM more and more because that IS HIS CHARACTER!!! LOOK at this miracle…… In ONE night the mighty Assyrian Army that was HUGE, FORCEFUL, and had taken over many nations was destroyed by God… ONE NIGHT!!!!

So….what are the details in this chapter? Sennacherib is the King of Assyria, he is reigning at the same time of Hezekiah (GREAT King of Judah!!.) Sennacherib has completely captured ALL cities of Judah and now has a taunting message for Judah basically laughing at them for aligning with Egypt (God wasn’t the only one who realized how stupid that was!!) SO then the messenger even says “God told us to destroy you”. (easy to fool someone that does not know the Lord, that is why we need to KNOW our Bible!) The ONLY way we can filter TRUTH from FALSE is by the WORD of God. That was also the ONLY way Judah could KNOW God’s ways… by KNOWING HIS Word!! Eliakim, Shebna and Joah asked the Assyrians to please us Aramaic (the International language at this time) and not Hebrew. The Assyrians blatantly REFUSED to honor their request. The messengers sent by Sennacherib were mocking God!!! How do we know when God is being mocked…..we read the examples in the Bible of mocking and what happened. God tells us HE will NOT be mocked.
As I close today’s comments… I want to return to Chapter 35:9-10 — “…BUT ONLY the REDEEMED will walk there (on the Way of Holiness…parenthesis are my addition for clarification), and the RANSOMED of The Lord will return. They will enter Zion with singing; EVERLASTING JOY will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will OVERTAKE them, and sorrow and sighing will FLEE away.” THIS is PROMISE for ALL BELIEVERS in JESUS CHRIST at the final battle!!! What an awesome message to end today with!!

I am sooooo grateful to be redeemed!!!

Sharing HIS love,


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