Isaiah 31-34

Isaiah 31-34

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When we last left off, the capital of the Northern Kingdom, Israel, was Samaria and it had already been taken captive and the people placed into exile…the rest of Israel was rapidly following. Now….Judah is STILL looking for help from Egypt (NOT God) against Assyria. It is EASY to sit here reading from the Bible and go “WHAT were they thinking!!!” However, trusting the Lord is not always easy is it? We can even think we are trusting HIM yet when we look back on our lives we can see where we fell short….we took matters into our own hands. Judah’s captivity and exile are coming….except for the REMNANT (remember we read about the REMNANT when we read about Hezekiah.) REMEMBER as you read this, that the destruction, captivity, and exile was NOT desired by God. It was NOT HIS perfect plan (neither was what happened in the Garden of Eden!!). AND HE KEPT sending Prophets to HIS people to WARN them to TURN BACK TO HIM…Elijah… Elisha…. Jonah…. Obadiah…. Hosea… Isaiah…and there will be MORE. ALL God EVER desires/desired is/was for us/them to acknowledge HIM as the ONE TRUE GOD, love HIM with ALL our hearts, souls, minds, spirits, and obey HIM. God did NOT want what happened to happen. BUT…we all have been given FREE CHOICE because HE wants us to FREELY make the PERSONAL decision to come to HIM. However, when we refuse, rebel, and continue to turn from HIM…..there will be consequences.

In today’s reading we saw Captivity, discussion of Deliverance, Prophesy about the coming Messiah who will be the FINAL DELIVERER, streams in the desert (doesn’t that just sound so refreshing,… glad HE has placed a stream of living water IN me,) and we read Prophesy about the END TIMES…… LOTS and LOTS packed into today’s reading. Isn’t God wonderful to show us the past, present, and future….all written 2500 years ago!!???

I could not help when I was reading about Egypt but to think of the headlines on the news and in the newspapers TODAY ….. all the destruction that is going on there…..basically a civil war… Islam verses Christians….and on and on. I don’t know about you but there are times when I am not sure if I am reading the bible or listening to modern day news!!! Anyone else see that?

We saw more “WOEs” (warning). Then as the reading progressed Isaiah spoke of God’s Deliverance… God’s will… And with God’s OWN hand HE would destroy ASSYRIA and deliver HIS people from captivity. And then there is the personal aspect of deliverance…..our PERSONAL deliverance with King JESUS reigning in our life.

CHAPTER 32. A Kingdom of Righteousness.

Then the eyes of those who see will no longer be closed,
and the ears of those who hear will listen. 32:3

EACH man will be a shelter and a refuge from the storm because EACH man will have the Holy Spirit reigning as King in their heart.

The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the EFFECT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS WILL BE QUIETNESS AND CONFIDENCE FOREVER. 32:17 OH YEAH…..NOW that gets a BIG ol’ AMEN from me!!!

EACH man and woman who CHOOSES JESUS as their Lord and Savior WILL have ALL of this… is promised…it is prophesied!!! ALL we have to do is ask…ASK ….ASK!!! Does it mean we are perfect when we ask Jesus in our hearts? Does it mean we become perfect? NO NO and NO. There has ONLY been ONE perfect human and will ONLY EVER be one on this side of heaven. By choosing Jesus…we acknowledge with humility that we can NOT walk this life without HIM. We are nothing but trouble without HIM, but with HIM we acknowledge our weaknesses every day yet KNOW that HE WANTS to use each of us to further HIS Kingdom. WE gain the peace that verse 17 spoke of by TRUSTING HIM…over and over and over again. We can wake up each day refreshed and renewed. I don’t know about you but I close each of my days by asking for forgiveness for things I messed up on. I thank HIM for HIS forgiveness and RECEIVE HIS forgiveness. Then I begin a heart felt THANK YOU GOD FOR…… and that’s how I go to sleep. So when I wake up the next morning…. I begin my attitude of gratitude again and if the enemy tries to remind me of something I did wrong… I simply remind HIM that I am forgiven and God has cast my sin as far as the east is from the west. We do not live in condemnation as sons and daughters of the Most High God…AMEN!!

CHAPTER 33. Remember Isaiah did speak of a REMNANT of people who will turn and repent and be brought back. It is a hard pill to swallow but remember only a Minority of People on this earth will see Heaven. Even if you live in a “Christian? town, don’t forget we can NOT see what is TRULY in other people’s hearts. RELIGION is NOT what God is seeking. RITUALS of man mean nothing to God. A specific denomination does not mean Jesus is in the house. We have seen over and over and over again in the Word that God tells us to TURN to HIM, TURN to HIM with all our hearts, souls, emotions, minds, strength, spirits…..ALL of us, REPENT of our sins, FOLLOW HIM humbly,, and OBEY HIM. THIS is WHAT JESUS wants…..THIS is what makes a true Christian. THIS is what God is looking for in us….a heart that is totally devoted, surrendered, humbled, obedient to HIM. HE is a God of LOVE and desires that we LOVE HIM with all of ourselves….not the world…not things…not other people’s opinions….not power…not money…..not idols…not other gods…..nothing but HIM.

CHAPTER 34 is Prophecy of our final judgement, the End of times I’d like to challenge each of you to look up the cross references in your Bible for these verses in this chapter. You’re going to be BLOWN away!! My Bible has several in Revelations and in Hebrews……. give it some thought…..and I’d love to hear what God showed you.
And what does it mean that the day of The Lord will come without warning? I believe it simply means we will NOT know the hour or the day HE will come again in all HIS glory (scripture tell us that….Jesus does not even know the day or the time…ONLY the Father KNOWS WHEN.) HOWEVER… think deeper with me for just a moment……as we read the Word….we are ALL being “warned.” We are ALL being told that Jesus WILL come again and it will be a HUGE event!!! Those who LOVE the LORD God will go with HIM to heaven…..those who CHOSE NOT to believe in HIM will not. God loves us so much that HE will NOT return until each person on earth has had the opportunity to hear about HIM and have the opportunity to choose HIM (which is why HE tells us to Go and tell others about HIM). The NT will tell us how to LIVE as followers of Jesus Christ in a corrupt, enemy filled world (which is why HE tells us to love The Lord with all our hearts, souls, minds, and love our neighbors as ourselves). HOWEVER, if we are honest… believers we are all being warned to make preparations for the end times, to obey HIM, to reach out to the poor, needy, widows, hurting, etc.

I’d love to hear what touched you to today, what stood out to you today, and what your one take away was. If you have any questions or would like me to give you exact Scriptures on some of the things I mentioned in my last paragraph…. you can always ask or use a concordance. Either way… I’m here <<<smile>>>>>

Sharing HIS love,


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