Isaiah 23-27

Isaiah 23-27

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Chapter 23 — In yesterday and today’s reading, Isaiah’s prophecies began with God’s judgement on other nations judgment starting in the east then it sweeping westward. The judgement of the other nations began with Babylon (Chapter 13) which was in the East and today we end the destruction of other nations in Tyre (in Phoenicia) which was in the west. Tyre was one of the most famous cities in the ancient world….a major trading city, a huge seaport!! When this city is ruined it will affect the grain supply to all its pagan nations (including Egypt….no center of trade….results in not enough food!! Did you notice that Isaiah/God asks in verse 8: “Who planned this against Tyre?” and in verse 9 we are told WHO planned this against Tyre. Did you notice who verse 9 said planned it and WHY??? If not….take a glance at what it says.

Chapters 24-27 are called “Isaiah’s Apocalypse” (End time Prophecies). First we read about Judah, then Israel, then the surrounding nations, and NOW we will read about the rest of us. It will discuss God’s judgment on the ENTIRE world.

I LOVED verse 6 that says: “On this mountain the LORD ALMIGHTY will prepare a fest of rich food for ALL peoples…” ALL peoples….ALLLLLLLLL!!! This once again repeats the fact that God intended for ALL people to believe in HIM, and have access to HIM. Yes, God chose the Hebrews to be HIS Chosen People….but WHAT were they CHOSEN to do? They were CHOSEN to spread the NEWS to EVERYone so EVERYone would come to KNOW HIM. They were HIS CHOSEN instruments. SO, HIS chosen people were to “Go ye therefore and teach the nations…” So we see here that ALL people … JEWS and GENTILES together….YOU and ME… were included from the very beginning in God’s plan!!! OH YEA…now THAT’s what I’m talking about!!!

At this great Messianic feast….EVIL will be forever destroyed…. DEATH will be forever destroyed….and the list goes ON….no more sickness, negative thoughts, pain, tilling the earth in pain, etc…….JUST PRAISING HIM!!!

And on that GREAT day, God will REDEEM the earth. He has already paid the RANSOM!! EVERYTHING will be taken back to the Lord. I me it is ALREADY HIS and HE will come to bring us back to HIM….if we believe we will be joining HIM. IF we have chosen not to believe in HIM and confess that Jesus is Lord, and turn from our ways to follow HIM…then when HE returns to take us back home with HIM…..some will not be joining HIM. I hear people say …. “but if HE is REALLY a LOVING GOD then HE will NOT send ANYone to HELL,” or “IF HE is REALLY a loving God then HE would not let all these bad things happen to us here on earth,” and I’m sure you’ve heard the same things and many more. KNOW there are many things that happen here on earth that I don’t understand and I can only pray about them…..certainly not preach about them. HOWEVER….God loves us so much that HE wants US to CHOOSE HIM. HE will NEVER force HIMSELF upon us. HE has given us freewill. Since we have freewill…..our choices have consequences and the BIG one is if we do not CHOOSE HIM then we will not spend eternity with HIM. I don’t say this to be all doom and gloom, or to bring fear. I say it because if you have not made that choice for your life yet… I urge you to choose HIM. HE LOVES each person, but HE does NOT love the SIN that separates us from HIM. When we read Deuteronomy 27 it talked about “what if we disobey as a nation”. Wellllllll, I think the answer to that is very plain as we read the Words in Isaiah. LOOK at the NATIONS that have or will soon be destroyed in the Bible (and history facts show us this as well as the Bible.)

Verse 8 says: “HE will swallow up death FOREVER (that’s JESUS), The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces; he will remove the disgrace of HIS people from all the earth.” Revelation 21:4 states: “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

WHAT an awesome picture of the compassionate, tender, loving God we have. HE WILL WIPE away EVERY tear from their eyes….. HE WILL WIPE THEM AWAY!!! I LOVE that!!!

Chapter 26 breaks out into a Song of Praise. This is a song of Trust. We must know and Trust that this day will come and that God will fulfill what He has started. I LOVE verse 3 — “YOU will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he TRUSTS in YOU.” So HOW do we get perfect peace when the storms in our life are rocking our boat and we feel as if our boat is going to be flipped over into a wild sea…….we keep our minds on HIM. Romans 12:1-2 tells us we can be transformed by knowing HIS Word!!!

Chapter 27, In that Day, our final Deliverance. The day of judgement will come…but for ALL who KNOW JESUS…..we will be seen by our Abba Father as white as snow because of JESUS and we will step into the glory and freedom of the eternal heaven. For those who have chosen NOT to make Jesus their Lord and Savior…God will be grieving deeply as HE makes HIS final judgement upon them. What happens during the judgement will be based on our CHOICES…and truly ONLY ONE choice matters….the CHOICE to choose JESUS…for real….forever…..!!! God’s purpose in judging the earth is not vengeance, but PURGING. He desires….beyond our own comprehension…to correct us and bring us back to HIM. God does not punish us for our sin just to make us suffer….HE IS TRYING TO GET OUR ATTENTION so those who are faithful are better equipped to serve HIM and to be made more in HIS image of love, peace, patience, joy, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control…so we are more equipped to “Go” and tell everyone about HIM. Does this mean bad things won’t happen to good people, or that the faithful will not suffer, or that good things won’t happen to bad people, or that life should be easy, and full of happiness…..NOPE!!! The Scripture tells us life will be FILLED with all these things but the good news is that we have JESUS CHRIST who loves us to be with us and get us through every moment of every day……JUST ASK HIM.

Sharing HIS love,


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