Isaiah 18-22

Isaiah 18-22

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Chapters 18-19 — A prophecy Against Cush (Modern Day Sudan). Cush was a son of Ham and grandson of Noah, the progenitor of the southernmost peoples located in Africa, specifically Ethiopia. And then a prophecy against Egypt. Judah was considering an alliance with Egypt against Assyria but Isaiah is warning Judah not to because God will destroy Assyria. Stop and consider what Isaiah is saying. These prophecies seem IMPOSSIBLE. These are MAJOR cities but one of the principles here is that EVERY nation, no matter how powerful they are (applies to today as well!!!), can be destroyed….crushed … a world power today and tomorrow nothing!! God does not like rebellious, sinful people and there will be consequences for choices made in rebellion, with great pride, in great sin. OUCH!!

In chapter 19:19 Did you notice that the scripture mentions an altar made to the Lord in EGYPT???? EGYPT??? Hello!!…..Jerusalem is the ONLY city proclaimed by the Lord for Altar worship. The phrase “In that day” is speaking about …. the day of the LORD. As we read this and look back we are able to see the historical projections coming from Isaiah. BUT Isaiah’s message includes Messianic projections AND Second Coming Prophecies. A day IS coming that WILL deliver ALL the people of the world, Jew and Gentile. GOD really does have the WHOLE world in HIS hands!!! Whether people believe HIS Word or not….there will come a time when HE come again to SAVE all of us from and take us to live with HIM for all eternity. However, ONLY those who have BELIEVED Him and CONFESSED Jesus as their Lord, and Confessed and Repented of their sin to Him will join HIM. If you know The Lord….PRAISE GOD!! If you don’t yet know HIM feel free to write me at and use the SUBJECT of BLOG to make sure I do not accidentally trash your email …. or simply check out the blue tab at the TOP of this page that says “WHAT IF”. THIS is the MOST important decision you will every make in your life….and the most life changing one as well.

Ch 20 — Jerusalem had become “just another” of the enemies of God (BECAUSE OF THEIR CHOICES to worship idols, worship other Gods, take pride in what THEY did, and simply rebel against the one true God. They were destined for destruction (just as they had already witnessed happen to Israel. Isaiah was predicting the doom of Egypt again to discourage Judah from making them an alliance.

Ch 21 — A prophecy against Babylon, Edom, and Arabia. We understand from prior readings that God uses the Babylonians, now (in Isaiah’s prophesy…which is a WARNING for Judah to WAKE UP) there will come a time for all of these other nations to be destroyed. These prophecy’s WILL ALL come true in 539 B.C. when we read Daniel Chapter 5!!!

Chapter 22 — A prophecy about Jerusalem….this chapter is so very sad to me….partially because it is TRUTH…it IS history!! But partially because both Israel and Jerusalem remind me of our great country. Our country can suffer the same fate that Israel and Jerusalem suffered BECAUSE of the CHOICES of our leaders, and our willingness to follow them….turning further and further from GOD. The people in Jerusalem HEAR the message of Isaiah. They began to prepare for battle. They collected their weapons, prepared the wall, stored up their water, BUT they NEVER ASKED GOD to help or be with them. At the end of preparing they say: “Let’s eat and drink, for tomorrow we die”. Do you ever hear people say things like: “life is short, I want to live it in continual happiness,” or “this is all we have, let’s make the best of it” or “who cares, we could die tomorrow,” “none of us are guaranteed tomorrow so do it ALL..NOW.” This SAME mentality/attitude is how the people of Jerusalem were living. This way of living is the furthest we can live from God. If you remember that God’s purpose for sending each of us to this earth is simple….to further HIS Kingdom and glorify HIM….. we can see that these statements of what we may hear other people saying are deceiving. If we adopt these statements as our way of life…..we are not furthering the KINGDOM OF GOD. We are to be his hands and feet reaching out to others in ALL we do. Remaining in fellowship with HIM…..until we enter into our final home.

Are you living expecting God to make you happy (which depends on circumstances) or are you expecting God to help you grow in holiness….into being more like HIM?


Sharing HIS love,


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