Isaiah 13-17

Isaiah 13-17

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Isaiah is such an interesting book…one of the most quoted throughout scripture and prophesies that we can SEE happened in history!!! AHHHHHHmazing!!

Chapters 1-12 dealt mostly with the judgement of Judah (the Southern Kingdom and some about Israel..the Northern Kingdom.) Now in chapters 13-23 we will read about the judgement of other nations. Chapter 13 is about Babylon. Babylon is most interesting to think about. From the very beginning of our reading together….do you remember reading about the tower of Babel in Genesis 11? These people have ALWAYS been rebellious against the Lord. The people began to build a tower to try to reach their gods!!! GOD was not happy and caused them to go from one language to MANY because of their rebellious ways (one minute they are all speaking one language and the next minute they couldn’t understand each other….all because of their rebellion towards God…and when the languages came it appeared as if they were all babbling!!) What is so cool about us reading from the beginning is the awareness of how Babylon flows though out the Bible. And if any of you have paid any attention to the news….you can see where Babylon is being rebuilt!!! If you are interesting in reading more about the rebuilding of Babylon which is now in Iraq here is a great site to read by Joel C Rosenberg — powerful stuff–
We will ALSO read about Babylon in Revelation 17-18 as a symbol of God’s enemies!! However, in this chapter..Isaiah’s prophesy is LONG before Babylon is even a major power (they are growing) but not a major power…..yet he is prophesying their power and their fall.

Isaiah is the True Prophet, people KNOW it and he has an Oracle. An Oracle is a divine message directly from the Lord.

The gist of the prophecy is Babylon will supersede Assyria, Media shall supersede Babylon, then Babylon shall pass away forever . An amazing prophecy that we will read about when we get to 2 Kings 25. WHY is this important? I’m so glad you want to know….the fall of Babylon will release the captives under a decree by King Cyrus and the Jews will return to their Homeland.

13:8 makes you think twice about all the pain that labor truly is for a woman. They say the only thing close to this for a man is passing a kidney stone. God mentions several times throughout scripture that the pain will be like a woman in labor, or the earth will will react like a woman in labor ….. think about it.

Chapter 14 verse 1 is VERY important. Isaiah says the Aliens, meaning the Non-Israelites ….. meaning GENTILES… meaning YOU AND ME, would join the returning back to the Promised Land. God wanted ALL people to know HIM from the beginning. God’s chosen people have always had a purpose to spread the news of the ONE TRUE GOD!!! God has always intended that ALL the world be blessed through HIS people!! AND through the house of DAVID ALL the WORLD would be/could be SAVED!!
Verses 12-15– These scriptures from a historical standpoint represent Nebuchadnezzar but from a millennial view, it is SATAN! circle it…underline it….write satan or the enemy next too it.
Verses 24-27 A prophecy against Assyria, this WILL happen in 2 Kings 19
Verse 28. King Ahaz dies in 715 B.C.

Chapter 15–a prophesy against the Moabites…. Do you recall of whom the Moabites were descendants? They were the descendants of Lot through incest with one of his daughters (the other daughter’s descendants were the Ammonites!)

for some reason verse 9 stood out to me — ….” a lion upon the fugitives of Moab….” Could this be a foreshadow of the Lion of Judah? I don’t know… but it jumped off the page at me in today’s reading.

Chapter 16. I really liked verse 4 and 5. And the Prophecy quoted in Verse 13 came true (of course). Tiglath invaded Moab in 732, Sennacherib invaded Moab the same year that he invaded Judah, 701. The earlier event happened 3 years AFTER Isaiah’s oracle. Marking him a true prophet in the eyes of the people.

Chapter 17. Damascus is the capital of Aram (aka Syria!!).

THIS BOOK IS HISTORY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! It was prophesy for the people in Isaiah’s day and much of it is prophesy for Jesus’ 2nd coming!!! I wish I could grasp it ALL. But for now… God opens my eyes to what HE knows I can absorb and that is a good thing!!

The take away from today….if for some reason this book brings fear or concern…don’t allow satan, our enemy…the enemy of GOD to do that to you. FOCUS instead on the LOVE of God. Just think about the fact that from the VERY BEGINNING…HE included each of us in HIS plan and that plan is so we may enjoy life with HIM in this life…living the abundant life…and so we may spend ALL of eternity with HIM….THAT is TRUE…ETERNAL…TO INFINITY and BEYOND Love!!

Sharing HIS love,



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