Amos 6-9

Amos 6-9

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Chapter 6. Woe means — WARNING TO YOU…HOW HORRIBLE IS…. With that in mind look at the things the Israelites are being WARNED about:

Woe to you who are complacent and feel secure
you who put off the evil day
who lie in beds with inlaid ivory and lounge on your couches (symbols of extravagant wealth and laziness!!0
who dine on the finest of foods (They ONLY wanted the BEST things…their wealth was their source of security, comfort, and PRIDE…..they didn’t need God because no one can touch them!!…..Oh my….. how pride so often goes before a fall!!
who just sit and strum away to music
who drinks wine by the bowlfuls
and uses the finest products
who DO NOT grieve over the ruin of our neighbors (local and foreign)
Therefore, you will be among the FIRST to go into exile; your feasting and lounging will END.

I was struck by the use of the words abhor and detest in 6:8. Webster’s defines ABHOR as: “: to regard with extreme repugnance : loathe.” It defines DETEST as: “to feel intense and often violent antipathy toward : loathe OR obsolete : curse, denounce.” HATE is defined as: “intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury; extreme dislike or antipathy: loathing.” Why do I mention this to you….because it appears from the definitions that each word seems to indicate a deeper intensity….there is hate, then there is abhor, and the most intense is DETEST. God was telling his people….he DETESTED their actions and their pulling away from HIM!!!

6:13–Do you remember Lo Debar? Lo Debar actually means “nothing.” This is the place David’s men found the remaining relative of Saul, the son of Jonathan— Mephibosheth. Lo Debar was basically a place were people with little to nothing, outcasts for whatever reasons society deemed were placed or where they hid. God was telling Israel (who was seriously puffed up for those they conquered) that the people they had conquered were nothing to brag about!!! They had conquered people who basically could not defend themselves. God is trying to get through to them by letting them see…their pride based on false securities–inflated egos!!! In verse 14 the town of Karnalm was the same situation….it was an insignificant “win”. However Israel thought they were “hot stuff” for conquering these places and God reminded them…..THINK about where you are getting your security and confidence!!!???? Not only were they prideful, but God was telling them they really had nothing to be proud of!! ….OUCH!!!!
Chapter 7-9 are the 5 visions of judgment. God will show Amos visions of Locusts, fire, a plumb line (His standard), opposition of Amaziah, vision of summer fruit, a doorposts..

I will make that time like mourning for an only son
and the end of it like a bitter day.

Did you notice that Amos prayed to God to please not allow these things to happen. BECAUSE of the prayers of Amos…God “relented from HIS plans with the locusts, and the fire. However God told Amos that HIS people were not meeting HIS standards of even trying to live a live in line with HIS ways. Israel’s actions had gone on for way tooooooo long and destruction would come if HIS people did not confess, repent, and turn back to HIM. The plumb line is a symbol of living a life of God’s standards. Israel was no longer in line with God’s ways and didn’t want to be!! Poor Amos, King Amaziah felt Amos was lying to and conspiring against him!!! THIS is a great Scripture to remind of to PRAY for ALL things and BELIEVE in what God has in store for HIS children.

The Lord, through Amos not only described the destruction of Israel, like grain through a sieve BUT then he reminds us of His Covenant! His line of David will be restored (the remnant). As when he sifts us like wheat to get out all our pebbles, He then can restore us to be like His gardens and fruit! IT is all part of the process.

A great heaviness in my heart for what I read today. I know Amos was speaking to Israel, but I can’t help but think of our Nation and global events. Once again, I am so blessed to have the Lord in my life and in my heart. I pray for more of Him all the days of my life for myself and others. I praise HIM for answering my prayers to help me know HIM by opening my eyes as I read HIS Word. I praise HIM for bringing mentors in my life to teach me HIS ways. I praise HIM for surrounding me with other believers.

As heavy as this story of Amos is speaking to the people of Israel, I am not only reminded of the need for serious prayer….believing prayer….praying through things!! I am reminded that TRULY looks at our hearts…are we “just going through the motions so we look the part” OR are we sincerely dedicated to God….HIS Word…HIS ways….IN OUR HEART which in turns comes out through our actions.

I don’t know if any of you have read a book or seen the CD or done the study guide for a book called “Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson, but if not…. it is an AWESOME book on PRAYER… BELIEVING GOD…and PRAYING BOLDLY. I have ONLY started watching the CDs and doing the participants guide with my mentor……but it already has OPENED my EYES in ways you can’t believe. I am SURE this is why Amos’ prayers stood out so much to me today!!! It WILL change the way you see things from God, how God wants us to pray BOLDLY with EXPECTATION to HIM, and the power that comes from praying through things….. meaning you pray until God tells you to stop or you witness the answer to your prayer which God answered in ways far better than what you could have EVER thought to ask

Sharing HIS love,


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