Jonah Chart

Jonah Chart


Jonah and the Mariners 



He is a Hebrew with a rich history of God’s faithfulness They were Gentiles with no history of God
He is monotheistic, believing in one true God They are polytheistic, worshiping many false Gods
He is rightly related to the true God They had no relationship with the true God
He was spiritually insensitive, going in the wrong direction They are spiritually sensitive, going in the right direction.  They prayed.
He is indifferent toward God’s will in spite of knowing him They were concerned before God in spite of little or no knowledge of him
He was uncompassionate toward Nineveh They were compassionate toward Jonah
Jonah was rebellious and therefore disciplined, but not destroyed They were brought to worship and commitment


Jonah and the Plant 

God and Nineveh

Jonah and the Plant

God cares for the people of Nineveh Jonah cared for a plant
God was concerned for the welfare of others Jonah was concerned for himself
God created all that was in Nineveh Jonah did not create the plant
The people of Nineveh are of eternal significance The plant was temporal
God’s concern was and is for human life Jonah’s concern was for comfort and selfish personal interest
God’s concern for Nineveh is proper and displays his love Jonah’s concern for a plant rather than for people is improper; it displays selfishness and an improper perspective on life


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