Obadiah, Psalms 82-83

Obadiah and Psalm 82-83

Click here for today’s reading http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Obadiah,%20Psalms%2082-83&version=NIV;AMP
This short book has 2 sections to it.

The Destruction of Edom
The Restoration of Israel

This book was probably written around 587 B.C. Israel will fall to the hands of King Nebuchadnezzar and Edom will not only look on but take part of the plunder of spoils. This prophecy DOES come true and Edom is no longer considered a nation around 150 B.C. Lingering survivors appear throughout time, one of them being Herod the Great, the ruler of the Jews during Jesus’ time but in 70 A.D. However, the Edomites entirely disappear. Obadiah is a prophet of God who uses this opportunity to condemn Edom for sins against both God and Israel. Edom’s sins of pride now require a strong word of judgment from the Lord.

Obadiah’s message is final and comes to pass. Edom will be destroyed completely due to their arrogance, gloating over Israel’s misfortunes, and when enemy armies attack Israel and the Israelites ask for help, the Edomites refuse and choose to fight against them, not for them. These sins of pride will be overlooked no longer.

The second part of this prophecy is the confirmation of covenant. It ends with a PROMISE of the fulfillment and deliverance of Zion in the Last Days when the land WILL be RESTORED to God’s people as HE rules over them. Israel will rise from her fall, she will not only possess her original land but also that of Philistia and Edom (today this is Jordan). This prophecy speaks of the coming Messiah. “The house of Jacob will possess its inheritance”.

Verse 21 is a foreshadow of Christ and His Church. “Then saviors shall come to Mount Zion to judge the mountains of Esau, And the kingdom shall be the LORD’s” (NKJV). I STILL think it is awesome that we can find Jesus on every page!!

God will overcome on our behalf if we will stay true to Him…reading HIS Word, acting on HIS Word as HE leads us, confessing our sin to God and asking others for forgiveness when needed, helping others in need, remaining humble, and LIVING FOR HIM. Unlike Edom, we must be willing to help others in times of need and let go of our pride.

By the way if you feel like reading a little more today read Jeremiah 49 starting in Verse 7. Jeremiah was a prophet also that echoed the same message of Obadiah in that chapter.

Psalm 82-83 GREAT Psalms. Don’t you think it is awesome to read this book (The Bible) as closely to the order it was written as possible? I think these Psalms give us so much insight because we are reading them NOW as opposed to reading ALL of them several months ago.

Prophecy Books all have several meanings. They are prophecy of the days of Israel AND of End times. I am keeping this very simple so when it talks about rise of HIS people and retaking the land…yes it means in the days we are reading about…… BUT it also means when Christ comes back. EXCITING eh?

What did God show you today? I’d love to hear.

Sharing HIS love


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