2 Chronicles 19-23

2 Chronicles 19-23

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CHAPTER 19 –Jehoshaphat from Judah.. He was setting it up the way the Lord instructed. He was delegating his power, as Moses had to wise Judges, making sure the Levites and ONLY the Levites were responsible for the Temple, the sacrifices, and ONLY a High Priest was allowed into the Holy of Holies. He also made sure God’s law was law of the land, so there was fairness, justice, and GOD’S ways!!! Doesn’t it make you want to stand up and SHOUT to the LORD!!??

CHAPTER 20– The Moabites and Ammonites were determined to go to war against Judah (remember Moab and Ammon were the children of Lot from incest with his two daughters— yep I know…it’s coming back to you!!) The Edomites along with the Moabites and Ammonites were HUGE in numbers and they were coming after Judah to destroy. OK….so who the heck are the Edomites??? All this is making us flash back to Genesis and in this case chapter 14. Do you recall Abraham and his wife Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Isaac gave birth to two sons — Esau and Jacob. Esau became known as Edom and his descendants were the Edomites. Jacob deceitfully stole Esau’s birthright and the blessing to receive the double portion from Isaac (Jacob had help from his Mom, Rebekah.) Esau at first threatened to kill Jacob (aka Israel) but ended up forgiving him when he saw him at their father’s funeral. However, the hostility from the Edomites went down through the generations. So….we have this entire group of people who hate Judah and want to see them destroyed….the Moabites, Ammonites, and Edomites!!! These three nations were known for being evil, barbaric, and for never missing an opportunity to attack God’s people. Jehoshaphat was in Jerusalem (where he should have been), at the Temple of The Lord worshipping and told The Lord something like “We are YOURS and our EYES are ONLY on YOU, help us with these people who desire to kill us.” Jehoshaphat hears from The Lord through a Levite who tells him: “The battle is not yours but it is God’s.” A good thing for us to remember…..God does our fighting for us if we believe in HIM, ask HIM to, and ALLOW HIM to. Did you notice that the Kohathites were mentioned (Levites from the family of MOSES???)

I LOVED Jehoshaphat’s prayer….ALL about The Lord!!! PLUS….ALL the men of Judah with their wives and children and little ones stood there before The Lord!!! Wasn’t that totally awesome….EVERYone was there. THEN the SPirit of The Lord came upon Jahaziel….the Levite priest to say….”the battle is the Lords’s”

Verse 22 stated: “As they began to sing and praise, The Lord SET AMBUSHES against their enemies.” Did you notice that…read it again…. AS THEY BEGAN TO SING AND PRAISE (THE LORD)……THEN THE LORD BEGAN TO UNFOLD HIS PLAN. This was a profound message to me today. I MUST step out in faith and sing and praise The Lord and THEN…… He will begin to unfold things before us.
We will be reading a lot more about The Edomites and Edom this week. The Edomites were also the people in Numbers 20:14 that when the Israelites were at the edge of the Promise Land (Kadesh Barnea) and wanted to pass through their land, the Edomites said…”Nope…not coming in”. Anyway, the Edomites seemed invincible!!

So who do you think wins the battle??? Did God keep his promise???? ABSOLUTELY!!
Doesn’t reading this strengthen your faith? And did you notice….these large “invincible” armies basically killed each other off. Judah came back with LOTS of “booty” and rejoiced over their enemies. They entered into Jerusalem, went to the Temple of The Lord with harps and trumpets. They were rejoicing before The Lord…to The Lord…for The Lord.

CHAPTER 21– OK…. I was SHOCKED… WHY in the world did Jehoshaphat’s son, Jehoram marry the DAUGHTER of KING AHAB and JEZEBEL, named Athaliah???? HELLLOOOOOO… had he not heard about them? DUH!!! And then I remembered Jehoshaphat’s father had made a treaty with the King of Aram. Jehoshaphat made a disastrous treaty with AHAB (as in Ahab and Jezebel). THEN he made another disastrous treaty with wicked King Ahaziah which resulted in all their ships wrecked. Jehoshaphat made some poor choices but he did have a heart for the Lord and “did what was right in the eyes of the Lord” (20:31.) However, “he did not remove all the high places and the people still had not set their hearts on the God of their fathers.” (20:33)

So Jehoram was a BAD BOY, and had some opportunities to possibly sneak away to theses high places his father had left behind and worship the other gods (scripture doesn’t say this…but makes you wonder!) GEEZE…..he killed all his brothers….maybe he was a tad insecure!! We witnessed that marrying outside our faith does have bad consequences. Elijah sent a letter telling him the consequences that laid ahead of him for his sins…yet we saw nothing to indicate a change in his heart. Maybe he thought Elijah’s prophesy did not really pertain to him.

God’s mercy and grace are SO awesome in this story. Verse 7 says: “NEVERTHELESS, BECAUSE OF THE COVENANT THE LORD HAD MADE WITH DAVID, THE LORD WAS NOT WILLING TO DESTROY THE HOUSE OF DAVID. HE HAD PROMISED TO MAINTAIN A LAMP FOR HIM AND HIS DESCENDANTS FOREVER.” God’s Covenant is permanent and a promise that will NEVER be broken. Through this line we will still see the birth of our Savior King Jesus Christ. But in the meantime, God gets rid of many Kings through various ways, falling on his own sword, woman, battles, this is the first I time we hear of a King dying because he pooped his intestines out. As sad as this story is….it still reminds me that God will judge in HIS timing.

CHAPTER 22: Jehoram and Athaliah’s son, Ahaziah became King of Judah since all the older sons had been killed by Arab raiders. GUESS who the Arab raiders were descendants of??? If you guessed Ishmael (the son of Abraham and his wife’s maid servant Hagar….you guessed right!!!) If you want a refresher on Abraham, Hagar, and Ishmael go back and check out Genesis 17. Ahaziah was 22 and reigned for one year. He was evil and walked in the ways of his grandfather, King Ahab of Israel. PLUS his mother, Athaliah, gave her evil counsel (how could it be anything BUT evil with Ahab and Jezebel as parents) to her son which he also followed. OYE VEY!!! God brought about Ahaziah’s demise through Jehu. Jehu found the princes of Judah and the sons of Ahaziah’s relatives who had been attending Ahaziah and killed them….then killed Ahaziah. Although he was evil, they still buried Ahaziah with respect for father Jehoshaphat because of his love of the LORD.

NOW… KATIE BAR THE DOOR (old saying)…..when Athaliah found out that her son was dead, she destroyed the royal family of the house of Judah!!!! Ummmm Ummm Ummmm…..mean mean mean!!! She was a red hot mess!!! BUT… Athaliah did not know that the daughter of King Jehoram (Jehosheba), married to a Levite priest (Jehoiada) took Joash, son of Ahaziah and “stole him away from among the royal princes who were about to be murdered!!! She hid both Joash and his nurse from Athaliah for SEVEN YEARS in the Temple of The Lord!!! GREAT place to hide Joash… I’m sure Athaliah would have never looked in there!! While he was hidden Athaliah ruled the land!!

CHAPTER 23 — WHAT AN AWESOME CHAPTER!! Jehoiada (the priest) brought out King Joash after seven years in hiding!!! Did you notice all the protection Jehoiada placed around the King??? Of course Athaliah was NOT a happy camper….and as all the rejoicing was going on in the temple to the Lord for their King from the line of David….she was tearing her robes and shouting TREASON TREASON!! EVER meet anyone who felt NOTHING was their fault…..they always found someone else to blame!! So this evil woman, who took after her mother, Jezebel, …..was screaming “Treason!” Jehoiada gave the order to have her killed BUT NOT on the Temple property!!!

I LOVEd verse 16 — “Jehoiada MADE A COVENANT that he and the people and the kings would be THE LORD’S PEOPLE. ALL the people went to the Temple of Baal and tore it down. They smashed the altars and idols and killed Mattan the priest of Baal in front of the altars.” Whooo hoooo. False gods and their altars were destroyed. The Temple and the Levites and the people were consecrated before and to God. The Law of Moses was being followed. Offerings and Sacrifices were made to God. Could this possibly be the beginning of a revival in the land???? Will Joash be a good king or a bad king????

So did God speak to you today? Did you see anything new? Did anything touch your heart in a new way?

I’d love to hear from you!!!

Sharing HIS love,


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