1 Kings 22, 2 Chronicles 18

1 Kings 22; 2 Chronicles 18

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Today is our final chapter of 1 Kings!!! WOW!! Another book under our belt. Do you remember how 1 Kings began? David was an old man, but with God’s grace he lived long enough to anoint his (and Bathsheba’s) son King. Israel, all 12 tribes were UNIFIED. Solomon became king and we witnessed the “golden years” of Israel…great wealth, a strong leader, a respected leader, and peace reigned throughout the land.

The UNIFIED Nation of Israel came to an end, greatly because Solomon had taken on the lifestyle of his wives…building idols, and worshipping them. God became upset with Solomon and said because of his father David’s heart he would keep the Nation UNIFIED during his lifetime, but when his son became King, the Nation split between Rehoboam (Solomon’s son) and Jeroboam, a high ranking servant to Solomon. Rehoboam became King of Judah (the Southern Kingdom) with 2 of the original 12 tribes and Jeroboam became King of Israel (the Northern Kingdom) with 10 of the 12 original tribes.

At this point in our reading, we have seen Israel have several kings with Ahab as the MOST EVIL, and Judah having a few kings. Basically you may have noticed either through the reading or by looking at the two additional entries I made about the Kings of both nations (and the prophets) that if we see a king of Israel — that king is usually BAD. Whereas if we see a King of Judah….they at least stand a chance of being good. Jehoshaphat is a good king, for the most part.

In our reading today I was totally SHOCKED that Jehoshaphat (King of Judah) went to Ahab (EVIL King of Israel….married to Jezebel!!) to make a treaty with him. CAN YOU SEE MY SHOCK FACE from where ever you may be??? I was like…. DUDE… WHAT are you doing and WHY are you doing it??? Once again it just goes to show how easy it is for us to begin to depend on our on thinking rather than on God. Before you think I am being too hard on Jehoshaphat he humanness was simply showing through on that particular day. Jehoshaphat did what we all do or have done…..he went to God in the BIG things (finances, loss of jobs, direction for our lives, health, healing, etc.) However, when it came to the day to day things we begin to think we can handle the “smaller routine things.” Thinking this way can cause little things to become big ones!! God DESIRES to counsel us in EVERYthing!! He wants our prayers to be continual, fervent, honest, open with HIM. If we simply remember to remain in a constant state of prayer….driving to work, running errands, heading to church, having friends and family over, praising God for the little wonderful things…well you get the point.

But on this particular day, after three years of peace,…..Jehoshaphat made a decision to go to King Ahab and ask if he wanted to make a treaty with him!!! It almost resulted in Jehoshaphat’s death!! When Jehoshaphat knew he was in trouble, he cried out to The Lord and was saved. (Same way it works today….we call out to The Lord, believe that He died for us, is God, and rose from the dead….and he saves us.)

Ahab, although in disguise was killed. The prophesy about him losing his life and dogs licking up his blood came to pass at the end of this chapter!!! Do you remember the prophesy given for both he and Jezebel….well we just haven’t seen it come to pass yet with Jezebel!!!

As we think back did we notice how little God was worshipped, recognized or consulted in this book. Even as we end this chapter it says Jehoshaphat was a good king (he lives longer, 25 years) (the bad kings live very short lives) but he still failed to take down the ‘high places’ of worship. A worship of convenience for his people, not what God desired or required.

So do you spend time daily with God? Do you thank Him, praise HIM, worship HIM, sing to HIM, read HIS Word, listen to HIS Word, meditate on HIS Word, tithe to HIM, make gifts and offerings to HIM?? You don’t have to spend all day with HIM to do these things…you can take a minute here…a minute there…mediate on one scripture for an entire week and see what HE has to say to you…see what wonderful things HE begins to show you and share with you.

Sharing HIS love,



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