KIngs Of Judah and Israel with Prophets God sent

Prophets of the OT and Kings in Israel and Judah who ruled during Prophet's time

Prophets of the OT and Kings in Israel and Judah who ruled during Prophet’s time


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  1. Jennifer Nyongesa | Reply

    really benefiting i thank God

    1. Jennifer, thank you for your note. Please forgive my delay… health issues have kept me from blogging. Praying your relationship is deeping with our Lord.

  2. How can get copy prophets of old the testament sent to me by email so I can get my Sunday class on some Sunday morning because we studying about the prophets old testament and this help. By give the and year. Thank you very mush. My email address is Betty A. Swanigan

    1. Hello Betty, Please forgive my delay in responding. Chronic health challenges have kept me from blogging. I am sorry I do not have anything I can send via email to you. However, you can print each page from the blog…. or copy and paste into another document like WORD, save it, then print it. Hope this helps. Again, please forgive me for my delay. I started this blog in 2013, became very sick and had to stop. I have not really kept up with it due to so many health issues, doctor appts, tests, etc. BUT…. God says he uses our weaknesses for HIS glory. Bless you!!

  3. Can this chart be purchased?

    1. Hi Pamela, PLEASE forgive me for my delay in getting back with you. I became very sick after I started the blog in 2013 and am JUST now at a point where I can even begin to respond to people. You are welcome to copy and past the document into Word or Excel and print it out. I had a great mentor before I started the blog and had much encouragement. I researched and studied as much as possible….but it is all meant to be for the glory of God. I hope you can copy and paste it so you can share with others and use it yourself. Thank you again for your comment. God Bless YOU!!

  4. it is very useful .

  5. Donna Marie Sigler | Reply

    what a wonderful chart to use to help my Sunday school children learn about the prophets. THANK YOU.

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