Proverbs 13-15

Proverbs 13-15

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As we read these it is important to remember WHO penned them and when they were penned. In 1 Kings 3, The Lord told Solomon: “Ask me whatever you want me to give you”. And sweet, young Solomon asked God for WISDOM also known as a “Discerning Heart.” Our AWESOME God granted Solomon this Wisdom (and SO much more because of his heart), and from that Solomon wrote over 3000 Proverbs. The thoughts and warnings we are reading are STRAIGHT from the Lord through Solomon’s pen.

Chapter 13 — We again are given great examples of desiring and living by wisdom as opposed to CHOOSING to live in wickedness. Verse 15: “Good understanding wins favor, but the way of the unfaithful is hard.” Verse 17: “but a trustworthy envoy brings healing.”

So many good words to meditate upon today. We will never know what the future holds but as the old song says “WE KNOW who holds the future.” Although this life may be filled with challenges and turn in ways you never anticipated; we must KNOW that regardless of our circumstances…sickness or health, richer or poorer, thick or thin, …. if we STILL focus on God and all HIS benefits….we can change our attitudes if nothing else and KNOW that our future IS secure.

Jesus said I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10) and the abundant life Jesus is speaking about is life on THIS earth by placing HIM on the throne of our hearts, spending time with HIM DAILY, having HIS WORDS on our tongue moment by moment. Philippians 4:11 tells us to be happy/content/satisfied in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. We are told in Philippians 4:8 to think on whatever is good, pure, honorable…. HOW do we do this??? Through the transforming of our minds with the Word so we are not conformed to this world (Romans 12:1-2.) We REALLY are aliens in a foreign land.. OUR HOME is in heaven above and wisdom, understanding, and knowledge are gifts when we learn to focus upon and LIVE out what God tells us to do in HIS Word…. regardless of circumstances. I KNOW… easier said than done right? Well, guess what.. with Christ… ALL things are possible.

Chapter 14– “The WISE woman builds her house but with her own hands the FOOLISH one tears hers down.” IS THAT NOT POWERFUL!!! I seen both happen and I believe the same thing can be said of a man. I WANT to be WISE.

Verse 6: “The mocker seeks wisdom and finds NONE, but knowledge comes easily to the discerning.”

Verse 22: ” Plans fall for lack of counsel, BUT with MANY advisers they succeed.”

Chapter 15 — verse 1 ” A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” and then in verse 4: “The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.”

Other things we see in this chapter are about stern discipline, a mocker resents correction, a happy heart makes the face cheerful, a discerning heart seeks knowledge, and a wise son brings joy to his father.

The Proverbs have said a wise learner accepts instruction and criticism, loves disciple, listens to advice, accepts parental advice, leads others towards the Truth, receives honor, has favor, is blessed, helps people avoid traps, uses pleasant words, and speaks wisely.

A fool, ignores instruction, hates correction, won’t take advice, mocks parents, leads others astray, will end their life in shame, and eventually self destruct.

Proverbs give us much to think about and meditate on. Look at how many times it mentions the words dealing with the tongue….”words of the mouth”, “lips of the wise,” .. our words are VERY important. REMEMBER God SPOKE the world into existence!!! Out of the overflow of the heart does the mouth speak. What is in your heart? What overflows out of your mouth…the good …the bad…the ugly? Think on it and if it is not what is pleasing to God….work on giving what is pleasing to HIM. HE already knows what it is…HE is waiting for you to confess and repent…..and HE will be there with open arms saying… “Oh my child I am so glad you asked for my help…I am here for you…we will do this together.” HE loves us so much that HE wants us joyful, cheerful, thankful, and enjoying every moment of this precious life. This life we know today will not last forever. Make it count.

Also remember that in this life we TRULY only ever had an audience of ONE. Yes there are many people who surround us and for some there may be millions of people who observe you depending on your job/career/duties, etc. However, the ONLY ONE we need to be concerned about pleasing is OUR LORD AND SAVOR…. HE IS OUR AUDIENCE…OUR AUDIENCE OF ONE. Do whatever you do FOR HIM…..your life is a gift…your attitude is a choice that can either enhance or distract…Do all you do for you audience of ONE. And when you do this…things will begin to change within you in ways you can not begin to imagine.
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