Proverbs 7-9

Proverbs 7-9

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Chapter 7 – The title of this chapter is “Warning against the Adulteress.” Look at the consequences of this choice. Also look at what Jesus said about adultery in the NT.
“You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery. ’But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman/man lustfully has already committed adultery with her/him in his/her heart.” (Mt 5:27-28)

STOP and think about this for just a moment. Think about ALL that is available on the internet today … all that is ONLY a click away. People are involved with gambling, and porn that no one ever sees. Most of us have NO idea what goes on behind closed doors. But, just because another human can’t see you do it….does that mean it didn’t happen? Someone does see it and HE knows your heart. He knows the pain. He wants the best for each of us. And he uses some very bold examples, words, paths to get our attention… to WAKE US UP. Give “it” to HIM….. HE CAN and will handle it if you confess it with all your heart, believe HIM, and repent (begin/do the change with HIM.)

Once Jesus came along (and I PRAISE GOD HE SENT HIS SON FOR ME AND FOR YOU), things went deeper. God has always wanted his laws written on our heart so they are simply part of us. The help us live a better life. The LAW will not save us, but once we are saved they provide some guidelines/some boundaries/some insight. However, as we see in the scripture above ….. when we LOOK at sin and look and look….we have already begun to play the sin out in our head and before long we will act on it if we do not STOP our thought processes dead in their tracks.

A song my church used to sing LONG ago had words that went something like: “A man can kill with a knife of steal, a gun, a bomb, or a lance, but there is a new law, a new law, a man CAN KILL WITH A GLANCE.” IMHO….the words from this old song reinforce exactly what Jesus said in Matthew 5:27-28 — one deals with murder and the other with adultery. The factor in common with the two is that although “just thinking about something” is NOT a sin…..our thoughts …if we CHOOSE to dwell on them… WILL become our actions. Jesus wants us to think deeper, go deeper, WHAT is on our heart and mind?

Chapter 8 — “Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice?..” The title of this chapter is “Wisdom’s call.” Chapter 7 and chapter 8 are in direct contrast to each other. Chapter 7 told us about the consequences of living with sin. Chapter 8 is provides us with the joys of living with wisdom. If you were choosing a mate would you choose the one who was prideful, arrogant, showed poor behavior, selfish, perverse speech, rebellious, following their lusts, etc.; OR would you choose the one who was “more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with him/her (wisdom)?” You have two different people to choose from to have a relationship with you. One is Sin. One is Wisdom. You ONLY pick one. Which one do you pick? In Chapter 7 if it is not an affair that lures you what does? What is the one sin that pulls you down away from God? Chapter 8 is telling you wisdom is calling you, don’t you hear it?

Chapter 9 — The title of this chapter is “Invitations from Wisdom and Folly.” So, what does Folly mean? It means a lack of good sense, foolishness, bad behavior. We see in this chapter that wisdom has a firm foundation (7 pillars which represent the 7 principles of wisdom.) Keep in mind that the number 7 in the bible represents completeness and perfection. Wisdom lacks NOTHING… it is COMPETE!!

Interesting that we are told not to engage with a mocker!! WHY… because they are NOT going to listen, probably don’t care what you have to say, and the mocker will hate you for it. Yet the mocker is compared to a wise man being rebuked. The wise man will use it, learn from it, grow from it. As Dr James Dobson says in many of his teaching… we have to pick our battles. So WHY pick a battle where you are simply wasting oxygen and energy. Sometimes we don’t know until we begin to engage with someone what is in their heart, but when you see there is a mocker….listen to the scripture.
So what is a mocker? The Merriam Webster Dictionary states; ”
1: to treat with contempt or ridicule : deride
2: to disappoint the hopes of
3: defy, challenge
4a : to imitate (as a mannerism) closely : mimic
b : to mimic in sport or derision

It can also mean to show distain for, disparage, tease with evil intent. If you are mimicking someone’s behavior as a sarcastic, mean spirited action…that is NOT a compliment!! It is evil at its core. It is stronger than making fun of because you are also being destructive in your behavior and don’t care. THIS is why God does not like mockers…it is evil….it SHOW the state of the heart. If you remember in Genesis when Noah discovered that Ham had mocked him? Then Noah cursed his son. OUCH. God does not like and will not be mocked!!

Verse 17 says: “Stolen water is sweet; food eaten in secret is delicious”. Sound like a reference to the Garden of Eden to me, how about you? NOTHING …. absolutely NOTHING we do is EVER secret to the Lord. HE KNOWS when we first thought about “it”, when we first took action to move in the direction of “it,” and when we chose to simply “go with the flow,” “do it our way,” “if it feels good do it,…over and over again.” NOTHING we do is in secret…even if we think no person saw us….GOD saw it and HE KNOWS. Doesn’t that fill your heart with “OH MY…OH LORD….FILL me with YOUR wisdom!! WE can CHOOSE Wisdom over foolishness. Ummmmm…..but HOW do we do it? We are told in verse 10: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

And HOW exactly do we gain the wisdom, knowledge, & understanding of the HOLY ONE??? You keep doing EXACTLY what you are doing right now. You (and me) must read HIS Word, devour it, want to know HIM more and more, want to KNOW the true meanings of the words, get in a solid bible based church, be involved in bible studies with other like minded people who have the same desire to understand God’s Word, obey God, love God and others, … well you see what HE desires for us and it is ALL GOOD… it is the BEST!!!

Sharing HIS love,


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