Song of Songs/Song of Solomon

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Song of Solomon (SOS) presents us with a beautiful picture of love, the new romance, dating, courtship, the wedding night, the marriage, challenges, and we are reminded of how the bride was protected for her bridegroom.  Depending on where you are in your growth you may see this as a steamy hot romantic story….and it is!!  For others of you it comes through as your relationship with Jesus Christ and his pure love for you.  And for others it is about God’s relationship with HIS church the bride waiting for the bridegroom to return for her.  Any and all of these are correct, it just depends on where you are and where God is speaking to you.  There is no right or wrong….it is simply very personal in what God is showing you.  The important thing to realize is that all three levels of this story are important to God…our marriage, our relationship with Christ, and our being part of The Church waiting for our Bridegroom.

In reading the SOS I am continually amazed at the honor the bride received/receives. This touches me so deeply… I can’t begin to tell you how….it just does.   King Solomon honored his young beautiful bride.  He talks about how she was protected for him… the same way that God becomes our refuge to protect us individually and as The Church for him.  It may be the perfect book for a husband and wife to read to each other on their anniversary, Valentines, or date nights.  I have to admit….it gets very hot and steamy.  I don’t know all the biblical meanings behind all the words, the specific animals spoken of, and other things.  BUT I do know from a strictly literal point of view….it speaks so loudly of how important the respect between husband and wife really is.  Look how deeply they appreciated each other.  Look at how much they enjoyed each other’s presence, each other’s touch, and becoming one with each other.  We are reminded of the fact that God desires for sex to be sacred between one man and one woman.  And within those parameters…to be enjoyed as the two become one and remain one flesh. God created LOVE and desires for us to DELIGHT in it…all aspects of it.. all in its proper place and time.

Chapter 1 — They each express their love to each other.  The bride is concerned she is not beautiful to him and he assures her that she is rare and more beautiful to him that she knows.

Chapter 2 —  They remember the courtship and how any concerns, issues, problems were a breeze to deal at this stage in their relationship.

Chapter 3 —  These are dream sequences.  We are reminded of how deeply EACH of us wants to be TRULY loved…loved with an everlasting love.  God’s love for us is so deep the Word for it in Hebrew is AGAPE and there is no single word in the English language that can define this.  It takes MANY words in English to help us barely begin to comprehend God’s love.  It is deep, wide, pure, unconditional, everlasting, willing to forgive us any time we ask, gave HIS son for us who was God, pure, and already in heaven so that we could have everlasting life with HIM, and SO much more.  I can remember back to my single days and dating many of the wrong guys.  It was hard because when things didn’t work out when I desired for them to work…..the feelings weren’t the same….and I felt rejected and lonely.  Then when I came to a point where I told Jesus I’d rather be reasonably happy single that married and miserable so YOU pick the man for me, if YOUR plans are for me to marry.    And then I met my husband…and through his love of me, his protection of and for me….I began to see how deep God’s love really was/is.  We all desire that deep, abiding love, someone we can trust with our deepest secrets and KNOW they will not reject us…and so much more.  If you are single, waiting for the spouse that GOD has chosen for you…it IS worth waiting for the person GOD has already chosen for you.  If you are desiring a deeper relationship with a living God who loves you far deeper than you could ever comprehend….come to Jesus….let HIM love you….let HIM save you….let HIM comfort you.  In our relationship with Christ, the more we turn ourselves over to HIM…the deeper our faith and trust becomes.  As our relationship with Jesus grows….we begin to realize how The Church is the bride and being prepared and waiting for the bridegroom.  I encourage you to allow your love to deepen with your spouse, with Jesus Christ, and as The Church waiting for our bridegroom.  God NEVER fails us.

Chapter 4 — OK… this chapter is HOT…just had to say it…. and it is NOT just because we have entered into the summer season!!  WHAT descriptions these are!!!    The wedding night when done God’s way …. is so very special…so deeply extraordinary.  It is not simply sex….it is the UNION of two into one flesh.  “Flesh of my flesh…bone of my bone.”  I still recall my wedding day….my older brother  stood outside the sanctuary doors waiting to walk me down the isle.  My parents were waiting on the front row with anticipation (my Dad could not walk me down the isle due to illness.)  The music was playing, the doors opened, and everyone rose to see me.  I had my eyes on my groom and he had his eyes on me.  I was an arrow pointing toward my groom.  For a single moment in time the bride is the focus and then the couple becomes the focus….. the anticipation of the day…the sharing with others….the celebration…and then the honeymoon with an undying desire to be one.  “I’m my beloveds and he is mine.”

In a similar but not sexual way…when we come to know Jesus we give our lives to HIM and over our lifetime we learn how to surrender ALL to HIM.  God takes us as unclean, dresses us in a beautiful white gown, and  proudly shows off his workmanship.  We are the arrow pointing to HIS love and glory that HE has made and cleansed us with.  As the bride of Christ…the unfaithful become forgiven….simply because we asked and believed.  He calls me to honor HIM, love HIM, serve HIM, reach out to others for HIM, offer ourselves to HIM with fearless abandon as HOLY LIVING SACRIFICES (Romans 12:1-2.)

Chapter 5 — This chapter gets you thinking, or it did me.  It is another dream sequence where the beloved spouse is gone.  I have had those dreams at stressful times and waking from them is terrifying.  And we only need to think a little  further about — WHAT if we died and did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ…. where would we be??  I for one am grateful that  I don’t have to think about that.  And the deeper my relationship with Christ has become….the less stress I feel….so the less nightmares I have.  Jesus saved me once and for all…HE promised to NEVER leave or forsake me.  AAHHHHH!!

Chapter 6 —  This is praising the bride’s beauty.  There is nothing more beautiful to a husband than his bride coming down that isle.  He has been waiting to see her….the doors are open ….. she walks down the isle….and the closer she gets the more beautiful she becomes. He can’t WAIT to get to the honeymoon!!  In God’s eyes there is nothing more beautiful than a bride….especially on the day The Bridegroom arrives to take HIS bride, The Church home with Him.  I’ve already got my mental bridal gown picked out for that day.  It WILL be a glorious day.

Chapter 7 — We end with the deep appreciation they share for each other.  I know the fruits, the wheat, the things they mention may throw us off a little but here is what you need to remember….the items used to describe the beauty to them were all precious some very rare items.  This is how they saw each other as more beauty than they had ever seen in anyone, more precious than anything thing they had to compare it with…… they desired to touch each other and fulfill each others’ desires.  WOW

God has made us precious in HIS sight.  HE KNEW us before we were in the womb.  HE had conversations with us in the secret places.  HE knows every hair on our head, every cell in our body, every every thing there is to know about us….even things we can’t begin to comprehend.  God wants us to know how deeply precious and rare we are as individuals and as HIS BRIDE that the BRIDEGROOM will one day return to take as his own.

Chapter 8 — Look at how many people were protecting the woman for her husband!!    They were remembering the wall of protection by the family and friends.  They had desires, but she was being protected…..the same way we are protected for and by our Lord and Savior.

So, what stood out to you today?  Was this more personal to you on a marriage level, about your relationship with Christ, or concerning being part of The Church, HIS Bride??

I would love to hear your thoughts.

BTW… below you will find a picture of a bride as she may have appeared on her wedding day back in Solomon’s day.

Sharing HIS love,



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