Proverbs Overview

Are you beginning to feel a tad like a little jumping bean?? I know I do, but isn’t it wonderful to be able to read the bible as close to the order as it was written as possible? Or if was actually written later, to KNOW when it was written and the time it was meant to encompass. I think that is SOOO cool.

The word “proverb” comes from a Hebrew word that means “to rule or to govern,” In each of our readings we will be reminded, encouraged, and admonished to listen and act on the profound advice they give for governing our lives. A Proverb is a brief statement that expresses Truth. They are designed primarily for teaching, especially the “young” in Truth (and we are not talking about age here…we can have many years on our chronological side and still be “young” in KNOWING and DOING the TRUTH. Proverbs places a LOT of emphasis on not only KNOWING the TRUTH) by APPLYING DIVINE wisdom to DAILY life and providing moral instruction. The verses are compact and practical.

Although Solomon wrote most of these early in his reign, he was wise beyond his years BECAUSE GOD BLESSED HIM WITH WISDOM!! The Proverbs were written from Experience…experience from the Wise…experience and wisdom that ONLY God can give us. I often hear people say “well, life didn’t come with an owners manual;” or new parents say: “ummmmm…..WHERE is the book of instructions for raising the child?” Guess what….the Bible is our instruction book and the book of Proverbs is like an Owner’s Manual.

Psalms focused on devotion to God INSIDE US. Proverbs focuses on the affairs and ethics that occur OUTSIDE US. Some topics we will be taught about include wisdom, righteousness, fear of God, knowledge, morality, sexual purity, diligence, self, control, trust in God, proper use of money, consideration to the poor, control of the tongue, kindness towards enemies, choice of relationships, raising children, honesty, laziness, justice, common sense…and others. I don’t know about you, but these are ALL areas I still need to learn and grow with God leading the way.

This book of course must be read to gain the knowledge but again the focus is so we APPLY what we read and learn. In case that didn’t come across…. READ…APPLY…READ…APPLY…READ….APPLY…make sense??? There are 31 Proverbs and I have heard from several Christian leaders to read one Psalm a day just for good measure, meditation, and allow these Words to be written on our hearts so we do not have to think about applying them… they simply POUR out of us naturally!! I KNOW what you are thinking…what if the month has less than 31 days…. easy peazie….just read the extra few either at the beginning of the month or the last day of the month. <<<smile>>>

When we think of the Psalms we typically associate them with David. When you think about Proverbs it is fair to associate Solomon to them. Just like the Psalms, Proverbs is broken up into 5 sections:

The Way of Wisdom by Solomon (1-9)
The Main Collection of Solomon’s Proverbs (10-24)
Hezekiah’s collection of Solomon’s Proverbs (25-29)
The words of Agur (30)
The words of King Lemuel (31)

Let’s pray that our hearts are deeply touched by our reading of Proverbs. I KNOW there will be much that will touch me and I pray the same for you!!

Sharing HIS love,


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