Solomon (Song of Songs) Overview

Tomorrow we read a new book…. and it is HOT HOT HOT, yet very tender.

This book was written by Solomon around the age of 19-20. Scholars believe Solomon wrote this early in his reign before being overtaken by his own obsession with women, sex, and pleasure. It was to tell of the love between a bridegroom (King Solomon) and his bride to affirm the sanctity of marriage, AND to picture God’s love for his people.

The characters of our reading are:
The peasant girl is the bride to be, and then the bride, and wife. Solomon fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the land, Abishag the Shulammite (the woman who cared for David on his deathbed … remember I called her “David’s human heating pad??) She and David never had intimate relations. This peasant girl also represents God’s church and our love and devotion to our God.

King Soloman is the groom and husband. He also represents God.

And then we have the friends who are the friends in the story but also may represent the world watching this magnificent lasting love…..through all its stages.

As I write I want to be very careful because as I write about this book it may be speaking to some of your hearts. If you have stepped outside of God’s will concerning sex and are thinking anything like “but how can he ever forgive this.” Also KNOW if you have been raped or physically abused….that was NOT your fault. That is a totally different scenario, but God can help you get through your pain from such a travesty. Just remember, if you wholeheartedly come before the Lord and ask forgiveness with the desire to repent (turn away completely from the sin) HE PROMISES to forgive us. NO SIN is too big or too small to be forgive from. IN God’s economy—sin is sin…. sin is ANYthing that separates us from God. So he does not weigh one sin heavier than any other. He simply wants us to acknowledge that we know we sinned, confess, repent, ask for forgiveness, and he forgives and forgets.

Now that I have said that, and you KNOW there is NO condemnation here, I may sound like I am really old fashioned but I made my fair share of wrong choices and found God’s truth to be as true today as it was the day it was pinned. God tells us HE is the SAME…yesterday, today and tomorrow…. and so is HIS Word.

The book deals with the topic of sex (I know you are shocked!) In our society today we have become desensitized to what is really right and wrong in so many areas. We have laws for our nation that are totally immoral/wrong in God’s eyes. We do not want to judge others because there is only one true judge and God deals with each of us individually. However, God thinks sex is important and Scripture contains numerous guidelines for its use and warnings about its misuse. The bottom line is that the relationship between a man and woman is a sacred thing before God and HE wants us to keep it sacred and only between one man and one married woman.

The book takes us through their love, courtship, and marriage. There has been and continues to be much debate over this book. Actually when the council of Jamnia in 90 A.D. was affirming the Old Testament books they questioned 5 of them for use in the Synagogues.

The book of Esther — because it does not contain the name God at all
The book of Proverbs — Some passages appeared controversial
Ezekiel chapters 40-48 — because it was conflicting with Moses’ Law
Ecclesiastes — because it was way too Pessimistic
Song of Solomon/Song of Songs — because of its sexual nature
If we stop and think about it…. EVERY emotion we have was given to us by the Lord….so WHY wouldn’t HE want to have a special story for us to read totally focused on the gift of love and the wonderful pleasures that can come from this between a man and a wife. WHY would HE want this omitted?

This book is also known as an allegory of God’s love for His people. Jesus is Solomon and we are his Bride; the church. To the Jews it would be the Exodus, when God took His people to Him. Some say it is ONLY about the allegory. Others say it is the literal meaning of love, marriage and sex. And some say it is Both.

This book discusses Sex (with all its sensuality), Love, Commitment, Beauty and Problems. IF you are married…. I HIGHLY recommend that you and your spouse read it out loud to each other and see what happens!! It has so much depth and meaning!!

Solomon will eventually have OVER 700 wives and 300 concubines. HEAVENS!!!
Now in Solomon’s defense, “back in the day,” this was one way that kings maintained peace in the land. If they married another ruler’s daughter this was a power play and an indication to keep the peace. Unfortunately… multiple spouses was never part of God’s perfect plan. Solomon’s openness to marry not only out of maintaining the peace and as a show of power…..he CHOOSE to marry many women who served idols and false gods. In making his choice….it exposed him to all the “fun” of following our lusts, and this weakened him, and sadly will place great distance between Solomon and God.

Lots of lessons here….but read the Song of Solomon and enjoy…. see how many places you can find references to God’s love for HIS people.

And people think the bible is dull…tee hee… we have a secret because we KNOW it is FAR from dull!!

Sharing HIS love,


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