Psalm 119: 89-176

Psalm 119:89-176

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If you just joined us today..welcome, you may want to scan over the comments for the first portion of this Psalm posted on June 19… just in case you want the background scoop on it. No pressure…just wanted you to know it was there <<smile>>

I’d love to hear what Scriptures stood out to you today. Here are the big themes I picked up on: Wisdom. Discernment. Obedience. Wisdom and Discernment are from God. Obedience….well…that is OUR PART….OUR FREEDOM to CHOICE.

Today I read from the NLT and posted this version and saw some things differently from the past. What version spoke to you today??

Some of the Scriptures that fell fresh on me were;

Verse 105– “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” (WISDOM) If you are into music go to and search for as song by the same name by Amy Grant.

Psalm 109 — “My life constantly hangs in the balance, but I will not stop obeying your instruction.” (OBEDIENCE)

Psalm 117 — “Sustain me, and I will be rescued; then I will meditate continually on your decrees.” (WISDOM & OBEDIENCE)

Psalm 125 — “Give me discernment to me, your servant; that I will understand your laws.” (DISCERNMENT)

Psalm 148-149: “I stay awake through the night, thinking about your promise. In your faithful love, O Lord, hear my cry; let me be revived by following your regulations. (Ever have one of those days, weeks, months….you can’t sleep…and you CHOOSE to be OBEDIENT and meditate on HIS WORD during those nights that go from restless to peaceful because of the WISDOM and DISCERNMENT we gained from CHOOSING to focus on HIS Word rather than our problems?)

YOU KNOW I could go ON AND ON…. but WHAT touched you today? IF nothing really did…. may I suggest changing versions and seeing what happens.

Sharing HIS love,



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