Psalms 95, 97, 98, 99

Psalms 95, 97, 98, 99

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Psalm 95 — written by an anonymous author giving us all an invitation to worship God. Words that caught my attention were: “Come let us sing for joy to The Lord… shout aloud…Rock of our salvation…King above all gods…”

Did this sound familiar? It is actually quoted in Hebrews 3:7-11. Did you happen to notice the word US? This Psalm is an invitation for corporate Worship. Many people think of Church as a building, a specific PLACE. However, The Church is a BODY of believers. A group that comes together to Worship. As we read HIS Word, praise HIM, thank HIM, listen to HIM, and obey HIM through this blog WE are an US…. we are coming together to worship HIM for who HE is because we love HIM. WHEW!!

The one that really touched me and kind of saddened me was in verse 7b-8a: “Today, if you hear HIS voice, do not harden your hearts…”

We have read throughout our readings thus far how the Israelites were: “stiff necked, rebellious, had hard hearts. etc.” A hardened heart does not “just happen over night”…it happens gradually. It results in choices that show total disregard for God’s will. And often those small choices where we disregard God’s will begin to add up until one day we no longer notice that we disregard HIM. God WANTS us to turn to HIM. HE desires that we know Jesus, confess, and repent of our sins so we can always have a close relationship with HIM.

If you believe your heart has begun to harden…. come to Jesus…confess..and repent ….HE is waiting.

Psalm 97 — another Psalm written by an anonymous author who wants us to know that God is our awesome Conqueror and is righteous and just. Verse 2 caught my attention: “Clouds and thick darkness surround HIM; righteousness and justice are the foundation of HIS throne.”

The first part of verse 2 stood out to me because it brought to mind back in Exodus when Moses asked to see God. God tells him, OK. BUT… Moses had to stand behind rocks and could ONLY look through a hole in the rocks. God told him to keep his eyes closed until HE had passed by and then he could look through hole at HIS back. God KNEW Moses’ (we) can not look at him face to face and live…that is how holy HE is. God wanted to allow Moses to see HIM, but HE also wanted to protect Moses. And, if you remember…..when Moses came off the mountain after seeing this “glimpse of God’s back” his face was SO RADIANT that he had to place a covering over his face. WOW!!!

The second part of verse 2 reminds me that our God is righteous and just. He can NOT be in the presence of sin which is why HE sent Jesus for us so that our sins are forever covered by the blood of Jesus. When God sees us…he sees us through the blood of Jesus and our relationship with HIM makes us righteous….NOTHING else can. God is also serious about justice and takes it very seriously. Justice is a major theme throughout the Psalms. God is praised because HE is just and they plead for HIM to intervene and bring justice where there is oppression and wickedness. Some of the Psalms dealing with justice as a theme are 7, 9, 15, 37, 50, 72, 75, 82, 94, and 145. If you decide to read them, it comes back to you and me… do we live our lives…where is our heart…do we reach out and help the poor, the widows, the needy…do we show compassion…and become the hands and feet of Jesus where we can, when we can??
Psalm 98– written by another anonymous author and is a song of joy and victory. Verses 2-3 were FULFILLED by Jesus!! SHOUT for joy!! An interesting tidbit about this Psalm is that some commentaries say it was possibly written by an angel looking down from Heaven….. possibly looking upon Jesus!!! HEAVY DUTY — eh???

Psalm 99– also written by an anonymous author and is praise for God’s fairness and holiness. Because of who God is….we KNOW we can TRUST HIM with ALL our being!!! GREAT IS THE LORD!!!

Here is an awesome song by Michael W Smith called “Great Is The Lord” Enjoy!!!
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