2 Samuel 22-23, Psalm 57

2 Sam 22-23 and Psalm 57

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2 Samuel 22 –This is David’s song of Praise, however; did you notice the third word in verse one was that David sang TO The Lord. He was not simply singing OF The Lord….but TO HIM. This tells us that David had a very personal relationship with The Lord. Each of us can have such deep personal relationship with the ONE TRUE GOD, because of Jesus Christ and through obedience to The Lord Speaking OF The Lord is NOT a bad thing….for example there are days when I want to thank The Lord for all HE has done for me and I make a list OF things HE has done, promises HE has kept, how HE has delivered me, and so much more. But, when I take that list speak (or sing) TO HIM with thanksgiving…it takes my relationship with HIM to an entirely different level. Give it a try…. you won’t regret it <<<smile>>>.

2 Samuel 23 — The Last Words of David. Each time I read the Bible, I develop a relationship with the people and my heart sank when I read these were David’s last words. In verse 2 this is so tender to me, that David KNEW that the Spirit of The Lord spoke through him: “The Spirit of the LORD spoke through me; HIS word was on my tongue. I can only imagine as David said this that he also thought of the times he had sinned and had not spoken to God until Nathan approached him. David was used to this personal relationship with The Lord and once Nathan spoke to him, I can only imagine how deeply grieved David was for not only committing the sins but also because he was not speaking to The Lord…nor The Lord to him until he repented.

Did you also notice that verses 3-4 are a foreshadow of Jesus??

David’s last words show us that he KNEW he was “just” a vessel or an instrument The Lord used, and used he was. Do we allow God to use us as HE instructs us? Do we allow ourselves to be HIS hands and feet reaching out to the widows, feeding the poor, helping in natural disasters, spreading HIS name, loving our neighbors and our family, and do we show HIS compassion and love to those around us? How will we be remembered when we are no longer walk this earth? What would you hope people would say about you?

The Lord took me on a journey today as I read 2 Samuel 22-23. My thoughts remembered David as the shepherd boy, out with his sheep playing his harp and singing most likely TO the Lord. I then thought about Proverbs 22:6 “6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” And David did not depart from his relationship with God. He was not perfect and he did sinned (for all of us to read about), but he repented and returned to the Lord!! Then the Lord and I went to Luke 8:22-26 where Jesus calms the storm on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus knew the storm would come and after they woke him he asked them “when will you trust me?” Then His next actions prove that He is THE Messiah from all the scriptures they had memorized as children. And in this passage of 2 Samuel 22, David wrote in verse 17 “He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of deep waters.” What peace the Word brings and it is so exciting to feel the nudging of the Holy Spirit leading the way.
David’s Mighty Men reminds me of how important it is to carefully select the people we surround ourselves with. David’s success depended on who he chose to surround himself with. He chose men who would be loyal to him, who would fight for him often after he had seen them in action. Some were Israelites, some were relatives, some were outcasts of society, and others were in trouble with the law. However, David when he ran from Saul was also an outcast and in trouble with the law!! David had a group of THREE and a group of THIRTY, all of which were very skilled and very loyal. I have NO doubt that God opened David’s eyes as to who to bring closest to him. Did you notice that Uriah the Hittite (Bathsheba’s husband) was on the list?

We are in God’s army. We each have a job, a mission to accomplish for HIM. And, our mission may change more than once throughout our lives. In order to accomplish our mission, God WANTS us to have people on our “team.” Regardless of what God has called each of us to do (be a leader of a country, our business, a leader in our home, a leader in our church, or community, etc) HE desires that we have people on our “team” that care about us, love us, will be strong to tell us our weaknesses, some to pull the thorns out, some to help us heal, etc.) Who are the people you have in your life that make up your “team?” Your team may be your spouse, a family member or two, close friends who place the Lord first in their lives, members of your church, your Pastoral team, a counselor, mentors, teachers…and the list could go on because sometimes we are “at the right place at the right time” and the Lord drops someone into our life!! Notice that David kept his list of mighty military men small. He also had a priest, and Nathan.

Steve Jobs (Apple) said he kept a close group of strong, like minded people on his team. I believe he had seven people on his team (this is from memory so don’t quote me…but it was small). When one person was no longer effective he asked them to move on and put another person in their place. Steve Jobs’ method may seem a bit harsh to us, but the point is that he knew how many people he worked effectively with. And I would say he was definitely effective. I hear different Pastors through the years speak of their Board of Directors, Mentors, Counselors, etc who helped make them more effective. Jobs often chose people with strengths he did not possess. So, who do you have on your team to help you succeed in what God has called you to do? Do you meet with these people regularly? Do you listen and take action, even when it is hard to do….but the right thing to do? Who are you following? Who holds you accountable? Who do you listen to? Is your team also part of God’s army so the mission is the same? Selah!

Psalm 57 — David is the author of this Psalm and the theme of the Psalm is God’s faithfulness in times of trouble. This was probably written when David fled from Saul and hid in a cave. Let’s take a look at David’s character. In the midst of David’s sorrows (and ours) David KNEW that God cared (as HE also does for us.) He begins the Psalm saying “Have mercy on me….I cry out to you O Lord.” And he ends it with “I will praise you O Lord.” Words for us to live by regardless of our circumstances!!
Sharing HIS love,


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