Psalms 5, 38, 41, 42

Psalm 5, 38, 41, 42,%2038,%2041,%2042&version=NIV

Psalm 5 — This Psalm was written by David and the theme is that God is able to defend us from lies spoken against us. In verse 3b it says: “I LAY MY REQUESTS BEFORE YOU AND WAIT IN EXPECTATION.” This made me think of an EXPECTANT mother. Although I was never able to have children, I witnessed many of my friends and family having children through natural birth or adoption. Once they each were told they were EXPECTING, they each became filled with joy….even the husbands. They began preparing the nursery or the baby’s room for the little one, choosing paint colors, wallpaper, a cradle, the bed, a changing station, a car seat, a stroller, what they would bring the baby home in, and the closer the date came then came the baby showers …..all in EXPECTATION of the little one. Once the mother KNEW she was pregnant there was never any doubt about the baby that would come. With great excitement the parents would rejoice when the baby would kick, dream of the life they wanted for their child, thinking of their first steps, first words, and so much more. David’s request before the Lord, waiting with EXPECTATION reminds me of the expectation I have seen with expectant parents. EXPECTATION is a sure thing!! It is greater than hope!! It is not a matter of IF but of WHEN. It is greater than any wish, no doubt… just great expectation. Do we truly trust in our hearts that HE WILL answer prayers, in His way, and time?? With EXPECTATION maybe we should TRUST HIM….not a matter of IF … but WHEN. HE will answer our prayers!!

I also LOVED the last verse: “…YOU surround them with YOUR FAVOR as with a shield.” Everytime I read that verse I am filled with a deep abiding peace. I love thinking of HIS favor as a shield. I PRAY daily for God’s favor upon my husband, at home, at work, in his career, in all his travels, in all his comings and goings, and in all he does.

Psalm 38 –Another Psalm written by David for repenting from our sin. It is one of the Penitential Psalms. David was expressing great sorrow for his sin. God alone is the ONLY source of healing and protection when we confess our sin from the depths of our hearts. This was a hard Psalm for me to read, as David was expressing what he felt were consequences of his sin. He felt alone, separated from people and God, and he expressed his guilt, his wounds, his longings, etc that he believed came from his sin. Sin does have consequences. However, Jesus Christ came that we may have life to the full while here on earth and live with Him forever in eternity. Gods WANTS to forgive us of our sins, but we must also make the choice to confess our sins and repent with HIS help. We are no longer alone, Jesus is always with us!! And, to keep the relationship close…check your heart (me too) to see if there is anything you are doing that is keeping you at a distance from HIM, if so…confess, repent, ask him for help. He is always there for you.

Once again, the last verse is what touched me ~~”21 Lord, do not forsake me;
do not be far from me, my God. 22 Come quickly to help me, my Lord and my Savior.” This Psalm spoke loudly to me, and I could not keep from thinking about Job as I read this.

Ps 41 ~~ was written by David and is a prayer for God’s mercy when feeling sick or abandoned. The Psalm touched me for so many reasons.
Verse 9 is viewed in the NT as a prophesy of Christ’s betrayal.

Verse 12 touched me deeply “Because of my integrity you uphold me and set me in your presence forever. ”

David is not saying he is perfect or sinless ONLY that he trusts God for everything, even in his sin….he repented…and called upon God. David’s confidence is so inspiring and deeply penetrating because he KNEW he would be in HIS presence forever. What peace that brings.

Ps 42~~ This Psalm was written by the sons of Korah, the temple musicians and assistants. The theme of this Psalm is a thirst for God regardless of our feelings…loneliness, depression, whatever our feelings are…. if we THIRST for HIM and focus on HIM our feelings can change!! This Psalm reminds me of the spiritual warfare we are in, our flesh fighting against The Spirit. Possibly Joyce Meyer said it best in one of the titles of one of her books: “The Battlefield Of The Mind”. It seems David felt that as well yet he ends it by saying: “Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise HIM, my Savior and my God.” David makes a decision to praise God for Who He is, regardless of his own feelings and/or circumstances … and sometimes that is the exact same choice I have to make when things appear hopeless… simply make the choice to praise Him all the day long.

Sharing HIS love,


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