2 Samuel 19-21

2 Samuel 19-21

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Chapter 19 — Joab—WHAT a character!!! I was a bit shocked when he went in before David to basically tell him “suck it up and get over it, you have humiliated all your men, now go out there and set an example of a strong king, not a whiney butt” (of course that is my HUGE paraphrase!!) I mean Joab had just killed David’s rebellious son, Absalom KNOWING that David did not want him killed…and he has the guts to tell David to move on!! Joab definitely set his OWN standards, didn’t he? David had used Joab in his personal need to have Uriah (Bathsheba’s husband) murdered. I don’t know that at the time Joab knew what was happening but he had no apparent problem leaving Uriah alone on the battle field in accordance with David’s command. Joab had murdered Abner basically out of jealousy for the military position David had promoted him to and out of revenge. Abner had killed one of Joab’s brothers in self defense and was living in Hebron, a City of Refuge. Joab had a two pronged mission in his heart concerning Abner, first to make sure NO one took his military position and second in revenge for his brother and nothing kept him from achieving it.

David returned to Jerusalem and made his political moves as well as his personal moves. He appointed Amasa back to his commander (in 17:25 Absalom had made him commander of his army), this UNITED the kingdom. David spared Shimei, yep the SAME man who cursed him and threw rocks and sand at him in Chapter 16. He restored Mephibosheth (remember Ziba had lied to David a few days ago and told him Mephibosheth stayed back hoping to serve the new king.)

Chapter 20 — Sheba, a Benjamite, rebelled against David. David advised Amasa to summon the men of Judah and return to him within three days. I’m not sure what happened to cause Amasa’s delay David sent Abishai and Joab’s men to deal with Sheba. Once again we see JOAB taking matters into his OWN hands when he killed Amasa out of jealousy because of the military position David had placed him in an effort to maintain unity in the kingdom. So, did David not notice that each time he placed someone in a high ranking military position they were murdered by Joab? Was David to afraid to confront Joab because if he did he could lose a mighty commander? Whatever the reason we see that Joab’s actions went unpunished!

Interesting that as Joab was about to kill an entire city, a “wise woman” spoke up. This “wise woman” prevented her entire city from being killed. She and the other women gave Joab and his men the head of Sheba and saved their city. This reminded me/encouraged me that a few kind, calm, words can indeed make a HUGE difference in the total outcome of a situation.

In case you would like to learn more about Joab, here is a commentary with a little more information: http://rcg.org/youth/articles/0401-twoj.html

What is VERY said is that David’s entire mission was to UNITE Israel. However, EACH of the twelve tribes had their own way of doing things and as we can see some were not willing to give up their individualism for their own goals. We also see that the Benjamites were not thrilled that when Saul died, another Benjamite did not take his thrown which is why we continue to see individual Benjamites cursing, throwing rocks and sand, and ready to war against David. David was of the tribe of Judah. Each the 12 Tribes were HUGE (even the smaller ones.) David did have his hands full trying to remain focused on UNITY politically while fighting among his own people continued.

On a more contemporary view of this >>> look at all that is happening in our nation today as well as other nations of the world. Globally we are very far from unity on most any topic …. anywhere!! Once again….. my heart hears PRAY for ALL our leaders, on all levels…locally, in our church, in all levels of government, globally, and so much more…PRAY.

Chapter 21. The next 4 chapters are like an appendix to this book. These events are not necessarily in chronological order. It is the Record of David’s reign. In my bible this chapter is called The Gibeonites Avenged. If this confused you that means you WERE paying attention (because it was not recorded before). A treaty made in Joshua 9:3-27, Saul obviously did not adhere to a treaty that was made in Joshua 9:3-27 and must have drawn blood against the Gibeonites. This seems to have happened after the restoration of Mephibosheth but before Absalom’s rebellion. This story was not told in either Samuel or Chronicles.

A few of the things I noted was Vs. 8 Merab was Saul’s daughter who was promised to be David’s wife. Rizpah, the daughter that camped out, for about 6 months, till her father was buried properly with his sons.

We end the chapter with more war against the Philistines. We are told descendants of Rapha which is referring to the “giants”…the people Goliath came from. This is a funny thing to stand out in my mind…but we keep seeing where some of these people had 6 fingers and 6 toes on each hand and foot for a total of 24. Good thing they all wore sandals back then!!

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