Psalms 25, 29, 33, 36, 39

Psalm 25, 29, 33, 36, 39

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Psalm 25. Written by David and was written as a prayer for defense, guidance, and forgiveness. 72 of the Psalms (almost half of the book) discuss enemies!! Think about it!! That mean God wants us to pay attention to this. HE KNEW this life would NOT be easy and HE wanted us to KNOW how to deal with the enemies. WHO are the enemies? Enemies are people and things that not only oppose us but also oppose God’s way of living. Temptations such as money, success, prestige, things, sex, drugs, etc., can all be enemies when they become THE focus of our life!! Of course our greatest enemy is satan…he came to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10.) It is important to remember the Life of David as we read these. His life as an anointed king, was filled with enemy attack, human bad decisions, and constantly at a crossroads in life. It is fair to say that David wrote this depressed. He admits to being snared, and lonely, a troubled heart, etc. He reached out to the Lord and says “rescue me”. The one thing David always did, was turn to the Lord.

David was not a perfect man, but his faith in God was always strong. He did not question his own faith but was concerned for others. He did not want his enemies to success to destroy the faith of others!! THAT was wisdom!!

David prayed for God to show him, teach him, guide him, and remember him according to HIS love (not according to David’s sin.) Verses 7-11 touch me deeply because the enemy loves to remind me of my past mistakes, make sure I feel shame and/or guilt, which totally takes my focus off of God!!! BUT these verses put my focus back on my loving God who forgives our sins and remembers them NO more!!!

In verse 14 — “The LORD CONFIDES in those who fear Him!! WHOA!!! HE CONFIDES in us wen we fear Him. Don’t you enjoy having deep friendships based on trust, keeping things confidential, loyalty, and love? People you can confide in – not gossip but share your deepest thoughts, ask for help, hear their deepest thoughts….knowing that everything is shared in confidence, is prayed over, and there is no judgement. I have learned that confiding in someone, or vice versa, is an honor and a blessing because it means there is trust and faithfulness on both sides. There are special people I can confide in. So for my human eyes to read that God CONFIDES in those who fear Him..I mean …it is a total and complete sense of awe and peace!!

David’s last request is “Redeem Israel O God from all their troubles.” This makes me think of a few words of Jesus “Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do!” Luke 23:34.

Psalm 29 — OK…guess who wrote this one?? You got it–DAVID!! It is about how God reveals HIS great power in nature We can TRUST God to give us strength and to face and endure the challenges in our lives. The power that created and controls creation and nature AND raised the dead is the SAME power available to us… TODAY…right now!! God through time has used His power through nature to flood, part the seas, shake the earth, open the ground, bring victory in battle and as an act of judgement on people. I counted that the Words “VOICE OF THE LORD” were used SEVEN times. THINK about that…God SPOKE ALL creation into existence, look at all the things the VOICE OF THE LORD can do!!! Kay Arthur says “There is no such thing as Mother Nature, it all comes from Father God.” A healthy fear of God and HIS power is most reasonable. A healthy fear of God and of His power is certainly understandable. Everything God does is with a simple command. That is how powerful HIS voice is!

The Bible is the Voice of God. God also encourages us to SPEAK HIS Words in our lives, to SHOUT for joy, to praise The Lord with our voices, to come before HIM in prayer and ASK Him for things, wisdom, to hear our prayers, and so much more. Think about it!!

Psalm 33 — My bible shows this as being from an anonymous author; however; many scholars believe David also wrote this one. The focus is to remind us of God’s greatness of ALL HE created (ummmmmmm…. I believe that would be EVERYTHING!) We hear a few things repeated in this Psalm. First, “Sing to Him a New Song.” In verse 9 we hear again that “HE SPOKE and it came to be, HE COMMANDED and it stood firm.” Psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors all tell us that people do not like change. We like the the familiar. We actually fight change!! BUT everything changes EXCEPT GOD!! And God LOVES to hear us praise HIM with a new song. I think of children I have kept throughout my life. There were several who would sing songs to God that their little hearts made us as we were playing or driving or bathing or whatever was going on. Maybe this is why God tells us to be like little children…. sing, praise, speak to HIM a new song, a new prayer, something special between the two of you. God is God, but think of HIM as your closest friend. When you speak to your closest friends to ALWAYS talk about the same things in the same way with the same words, nope….. it’s easy to speak from our hearts to them. God desires no less in our conversation, prayer, praise, and thanksgiving to HIM, for HIM. I know we like things that are familiar. But God deserves a New song. I thought of prayer. This Psalm says he looks down and sees each and every one of us. Blessed is the nation whose God is The Lord. America used to be known as a nation FOR the LORD; however, this is changing rapidly and it will have severe consequences on maybe our generation but definitely on future generations (your children, your grandchildren, and more.) So every time you think of it…. PRAY for our leaders, our nation, in your own words from your heart. God WANTS to hear.

Psalm 36– was also written by David. Verse 2 states” “For in his own eyes he flatters himself too much to detect or hate his sin.” When we TRY our best with all our heart to live for God, we still have challenging lives. When we live away from God, we can get ourselves into great sin…wonder WHY our lives are NOT going well…and never comprehend that it is because we are not living for God. Later in the Psalm it says “in your light we see light” and OH how true this is. ONLY God can open our eyes and change our hearts and when HE does, suddenly our eyes are open to the messes WE made…no one else….no blame..we did it!! OUCH!!

I LOVE verse 6 — Your righteousness is like the highest mountains,
your justice like the great deep. You, Lord, preserve both people and animals.

This verse specifically says HE preserves BOTH people AND animals!! This just sings to my heart because I love animals so much.

Psalm 39 — is also by David. This Psalm tells us that our “days are numbered.” David begins this Psalm reminding us to watch our words. My father used to say: “be careful what you say because your words can come back to haunt you.” Little did I know that his words of wisdom were paraphrased from the Bible. We are also reminded that life is short, our time here in the scheme of all eternity is brief, and we are encouraged to live EACH day to the fullest…as if each day were our last.

I love the words of the popular song that says: “I hope you’ll dance.” IMHO, and from a Christian perspective, the message of this song is to live each day to the fullest, dance like you’ll never dance again….sing like you’ll never sing again….take positive chances by stepping out of your comfort zone…and love like you’ll never had the chance to tell others you love them again.

So …. go dance <<<smile>>>>

Sharing HIS love



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