Psalm 1, 2, 15, 22-24, 47, 68

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Eight Psalms to read, sing with, soak up, and enjoy the nuggets from our Lord.  Each Psalm I read songs floated through my head, so I’ve been singing with almost every line!!  What songs came to your mind?

Here is one that came to my mind — “God of Wonders” by Third Day

Psalm 1– An anonymous  author compares the life of a FAITHFUL person with the life of a FAITHLESS person. We are reminded that the more we delight in God’s presence, the more fruitful and at peace we are (regardless of the era we live in… GOD IS GOD.)  How do we delight in the Lord and learn more about HIM?  – We mediate on HIS Word (think on HIS Word over and over, speak it aloud over and over, sing it, “chew” on it continually.)  Meditating may take on the form of being thankful for all HIS creation…as the Lord leads.  We do not do this to worship the Word ABOVE GOD.  We do it to worship God, WHO HE is, all HE is, and because it is the living Word that became flesh and was/is God.  God desires that WE KNOW HIM with ALL of our hearts.  He has given us a book so we can KNOW HIM and LOVE every aspect of HIM.  And, the ONLY way to accomplish this is by meditating on HIS Word, HIS instruction, HIS guidance…. Everyday…all day….just when you have a spare doesn’t have to be formal or long… just thank HIM.  He love is 🙂

Psalm 2— This is a Messianic Psalm (The Hebrew word for Christ is Messiah).  It is called a Messianic Psalm because of its prophetic nature.  We see Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and future reign.  We see David as a shepherd, soldier, king, and from his writing – a prophet.  This was written by David (as stated in Acts 4:25-26) who was been told his kingdom would reign FOREVER.  Take a look at Acts 4:

‘Why do the nations rage
and the peoples plot in vain?
The kings of the earth take their stand
and the rulers gather together
against the Lord
and against his Anointed One. (Acts 4:25, 26)

This Psalm was to celebrate the coronation of an Israelite king but ALSO for the coronation of Jesus Christ – our ETERNAL King.  The verses that stood out to me were verses 7-8:

I will proclaim the Lord’s decree:

He said to me, “You are my son;  today I have become your father. Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance,     the ends of the earth your possession.”

Psalm 15— This Psalm was also written by David and is called “Guidelines for Living a Blameless Life,” or ” True Citizens of Zion” and Thomas Jefferson called it “the picture of a gentleman”.   Interestingly out of the 5 verses in the Psalm 3 of the verses deal with the WORDS WE SPEAK, speaking in truth, and keeping our word!!!  Ummmmm—I think what we say is VERY important to God.  Do we honor HIM with our words?  One of the major ways to do this is by watching what we say, when we say it, how we say it, and when we speak we must be willing to keep our word.  How we use our words reflect what is REALLY in our heart!! (Heavy duty—eh??)  I LOVE the last verse – “He who does these things will never be shaken.”  In the KJV the word used for shaken is moved and the meaning is “shaken, tottering, slipping, wavering.”  This made me think of the scripture James 1:8—(KJV)  “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  God tells us in this Psalm that if we DO these things in this Psalm then we will be stable and not “double minded” can be defined in– Ephesians 4:14-15 (NLT) states: “a mind that is tossed and blown by every wind of new teaching—we will NOT be influenced when people try to trick us with lies so clever they sound like the truth.  Instead, we will speak the truth in love…

Psalm 22—This Psalm was also written by David and takes us from great suffering to great joy.  David BELIEVED in God and that REGARDLESS of circumstances God would deliver him from his despair.  God wants us to know HE has done the same thing for us with Jesus Christ.  And EVEN in times of despair in life HE will continue to rescue us.  This Psalm is known as the Psalm of the Crucifixion.

This is the song that came to mind on this one: “Cry Out to Jesus” by Third Day (must be a Third Day kind of day for me) 🙂

Did you recognize the 1st line of the Psalm?  These are the SAME words Jesus used on the cross!!  (Matthew 27:46)   My heart breaks each time I read this, because I am reminded of all that Jesus went through for us!!  David was going through some major struggles but with each outpouring of anguish before the Lord, he also remembered that the LORD was near him, strengthening him, delivering him.  I was reminded in today’s reading that God knew us BEFORE we were ever in our mother’s womb!!  THAT thought totally places me in a state of awe.  THEN when our time on earth comes to an end – HE will STILL KNOW ME and WANT me to come back.  God brought each of us here for a purpose.  He WANTS us to CHOOSE HIM by CHOOSING Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and serve HIM in this life so we may return to HIM for ALL eternity.  I am humbled.

Psalm 23— I bet you have seen this one before!!  This was written by David, a shepherd, a warrior, and a king.  He focuses on God as a Shepherd and dependable guide.  Following God and obeying HIS commands are our ONLY HOPE for eternal life, security, and peace on this earth.  David KNEW what it meant to be a good shepherd.  He KNEW how to protect, heal, guide, lead, provide, etc., for his sheep.  Sheep are COMPLETELY dependent on the shepherd for EVERYthing!!    What a wonderful, powerful, peaceful Psalm this is – go ahead—read it again or recite it from memory—meditate on each word.  Now, I am going to be bold and ask you…do you simply know the Psalm or do you know truly know the Shepard? 

Psalm 24—Another Psalm written by David that focuses on the fact that EVERYthing belongs to GOD…EVERYthing!!!   Picture David after the death of Uzzah (remember he was the man who touched the ARK and dropped dead for doing so).  It took the death of Uzzah who really was trying to protect the Ark, not realizing he should not touch it to get David’s attention.  God was SERIOUS that the Levitical law was to be followed in the handling of the ARK and in life.  After Uzzah’s death they finally revered the Lord for who He is.  In this Psalm David and his men are now bringing the Ark into the gates of Zion, Jerusalem.  Think about that.  They were bringing the Presence of the Lord into the place where they were going to dwell.  This Psalm is filled with the adrenaline of that moment.  They are exalting who He is AS they are coming through the city gates!!

It serves to remind us that GOD owns it ALL and we are to be good stewards of everything in this life.  It also looks forward to Christ’s future entry into Jerusalem to reign FOREVER.  WHO IS THE KING OF GLORY??

“Who is this King of Glory” by Third Day

Psalm 47 – This Psalm was written by the sons of Korah, the temple assistants and written to express that God is Lord over ALL the creation and someday ALL will acknowledge HIM.  “HOW AWESOME IS THE LORD MOST HIGH!”  So sing praises to HIM!!  Our words and expressions may seem inadequate because we know that the true nature of our God in totality is beyond our human comprehension.  BUT – God LOVES us to praise HIM from the heart with ALL of our being… singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, praying, giving thanks…so sing PRAISES to HIM straight from your heart and when words are not enough allow your prayer language to take over!!  God tells us that HE inhabits the praises of HIS people!!

Psalm 68 — This was written by David to remember God’s glory and power.  The first line was said by Moses in Numbers 11:35 as the Israelites followed the ARK on dry land as they crossed in the MIDDLE of the Red Sea!!  This also brought to mind David’s singing and praising God when the ARK was brought into Jerusalem!!  David recalls the history of the nation, all that the people did, and how God in HIS mercy and grace reached down and saved them….the same way God has done for us through HIS only son Jesus Christ!!

When we consider ALL God has done in our lives … whether it has been to give us strength in our times of need…to be our comforter in times of distress and sorrow…to supply our needs…or simply to bless us with loving people in our lives and surround us with all the beauty of HIS creation…God has done great things.  When I allow my mind to take in my own history, the people who HE has placed in my life both family and friends, the places I have been, things I have seen… I truly stand in awe.

God is so very worthy of our praise.

Sharing HIS love,


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