Psalms 106-107

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Did you happen to notice that BOTH Psalms today began with the EXACT same words!! Ummmmm… might be important <<<smile>>>

As I was reading these Scriptures, praise song after song kept coming up in my head.  In case music touches you the way it does me here are a couple of songs that ran through:

Forever”  by Michael W. Smith 

“10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman”  

Take a few moments in whatever way you are able to “Praise the Lord.  Give thanks to the Lord for HE is good; HIS love endures forever.”

Ok….let’s break these two Psalms down and see what nuggets God has in store for us today.

Psalms 90-106 are a collection of Psalms which focus on the relationship of Israel to the surrounding nations and the relationship of God as ruler over all…regardless of circumstances.

Psalm 106 was written by an anonymous author and is a song of national repentance as the people return from captivity.  God delivered HIS people in spite of their rebellion, heart heartedness, and self-righteousness.    Although these Psalms were written many, many years ago we can see that the Israelites were not so different than we are today.  THANK GOD for HIS mercy and grace upon us so that today we have Jesus Christ with us at all times.

Several things stood out from this Psalm for me:

  1. An attitude of gratitude with God can change our perspective….start thanking HIM NOW for all you are thankful for in your life.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…….see….don’t you already feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and have a change of attitude.
  2. God’s favor is a wonderful thing to be grateful for!!  I continually pray for God’s favor upon my husband, his career, our home, myself, and our families and friends in ALL our comings and goings.  When we have the favor of God, we don’t have to worry about the favor of men because God will work all things out.
  3. We have ALL sinned regardless of the time we live in which is why Jesus Christ is so important in our lives. (Romans 3:23)
  4. Verse 8 – “Yet he saved them for HIS NAME”S SAKE to make his power known.”  (read it again…. For WHOSE sake did HE save them? …. And WHY??) yep.. I KNOW.. good stuff right??
  5. Verse 45 – “FOR THEIR SAKE He remembered HIS covenant and out of HIS great love he relented.”  (go ahead..check it out one more time… FOR WHOSE sake did HE remember HIS covenant??)
  6. The rest of the Psalm is reviewing Israel’s history of rebellion, stubbornness, and disobedience … BUT GOD still SAVED them!!  The same as HE has saved us now through HIS son Jesus Christ!!

Psalm 107 – I think every line of this psalm took me on a time of worship in song to the Lord today.  Psalms 107-150 were written mostly by David although 107 was written by an anonymous author.  This group of psalms are  anthems of praise and thanksgiving for God and HIS Word. This psalm discusses that God rescued the wanderers, the prisoners, the sick, and the storm tossed (that means us).  And did you notice that after each group described as rescued…..they gave thanks to God!!

Verse 29 – “He stilled the storm to a whisper…”  I bet you already know where this one took me, but just in case you would like to hear it for yourself….here it is..

Sometimes He Calms the Storm”  by Scott Krippayne

Sharing HIS love and praying you have been touched deeply today even if is by ONE single Word,


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