Why 2 of the Same stories?

If you are just jumping in, you may be a little confused as to why we are reading the same thing….TWICE.  My oversimplified answer for me personally is because God KNEW it would take me more than once to absorb it and I would need to hear it more than once.  However, quite seriously it is actually extremely amazing.

2 Samuel was written right after David’s reign.  Around the year 930 BC.  It is a historical book.  It’s purpose is to record historical events, and to speak to all of us about how living for the Lord can make a difference.  We will see in this book what God desires of us and what He does not.

1 Chronicles was written by Ezra 500 years later! Around 430 BC.  Ezra was like a librarian.  He compiled facts and documents.  His purpose was to show God’s promised Covenant through the Hebrew nation. (He will bring forth a Messiah through the Hebrew nation) That is why you see a lot of genealogy.  It’s purpose is to show unity of the people for the purpose of God and His Glory.

HOW do we know GOD WROTE THE BIBLE through the hand of man?  Well, one way is in these two books we are reading at this point in time.  These books were written 500 years apart2 different authors….they never met, (they didn’t know each other from Adam… just HAD to throw that in <<<smile>>>>, and they wrote practically the SAME thing word for word.  Does that not perk your little ears up and make you want to dig in all the more???

Each book is the same yet different according to what God wanted us to read.  Drink in all that God has in store for you, as much as you possibly can.

Sharing HIS love,


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