1 Chronicles 7-10

1 Chronicles 7-10

Did you recognize or even remember any details of the names you read in these chapters?

Chapter 7 — We are going through the descendants of Jacob/Israel — the 12 Tribes. The Samuel in verse 2 is not the same Samuel who was the last Judge of Israel. The men of the tribe of Issachar were “fighting men.” I recognized Obadiah and Joel BUT neither of these were the prophets we will read about later. Each of these two were chiefs in the tribe of Issachar.

Interesting that the Shuppites of the tribe of Benjamin means “serpants.” The men of the tribe of Benjamin were also fighting men.

Not a lot is said about the men of the tribe of Naphtali.

Tribe of Manasseh, did you remember Zelophehad? Zelophehad ONLY had daughters. The land allotment was getting ready to happen with the 12 Tribes and the daughters went before Moses to ask him if they too could have land. Moses went before God and God said YES!! Moses then made a law so when this happened in the future the people would know what to do.

Two of Ephraim’s sons were killed by Philistines in Gath (remember Philistine had 5 capitals and Gath was one of them.)

OH and there is a familiar name—JOSHUA—son of Nun, in the tribe of Ephraim, was Moses’ assistant and eventually replaced Moses.  Joshua being from the tribe of Ephraim is very important.  WHY?  Ephraim was a descendant of Joseph and his Egyptian wife.  SO the name Joshua, meaning Salvation,  was BOTH Jew and Gentile. WE have always been in the PLAN!

The tribe of Asher were “brave warriors and outstanding leaders.”

Chapter 8 — The genealogy of Saul, the Benjamite. Kish was Saul’s father. Saul was Jonathan’s father. Saul and all of his sons died in battle with the Philistines. We also read about Mephibosheth, depending on the version you are reading it may have called him Merib-Baal. Mephibosheth at the age of 5 (when his father and grandfather died) became crippled. We’ve not heard the last of Mephibosheth.

Chapter 9 — This chapter begins with: “The people of Judah were taken captive in Babylon because of their unfaithfulness.” An important thing to note is that not ALL of the people in Judah were unfaithful. BUT…. I KNOW there is always a BUT in the picture. The point is that EVERYONE was affected by the sin of some or many. This is a peak into what we will read in the future. It is also a RED FLAG to those of us who love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind… HOW is it a red flag for us today? IF we look at God’s Word and HIS desire for us today, AND look at the many things happening in our nation that are in direct opposition to HIS Word it becomes very important that we stand up for the right things in our lives, with our children, in our community, etc. I am not speaking of some massive revolt. I am simply speaking about doing what is right before God. Prayer has already been removed from our public schools and public venues (graduations). Abortion is legal in our country and if you keep up with it …. late term abortions are approved. God is a forgiving God. We are ALL sinners and God loves each of us and WANTS us to come to HIM. HE is not against the sinner, but HE does not like sin…..it separates us from HIM. I’m not going to go all political on you and I believe God can use all things for the good of those who are called according to HIS purpose. However, our Nation will be held accountable for the actions it has taken … not just the leaders. So whenever it comes time to vote… THINK about who you are voting for. No person is perfect, but what do they stand for, what laws have they approved or pushed though..what is their view on abortion, on public prayer, on Israel, on marriage, on murder, etc.? Are the laws they support in line with God’s Word or are they leading us down the wrong path? God tells us to PRAY for our leaders in all places, all levels….church, local, state, and federal government…..PRAY that their hearts would be open to God’s leading.

According to my Life Application Bible, “chronologically, this chapter could be placed at the end of 2 Chronicles because it records the names of the exiles
who returned from the Babylonian captivity. The writer included it here to show his concern for their need, as a nation, to return to what made them great in the first place — obedience to God.”

The Levites were in charge of ALL aspects of the tabernacle/temple. The gatekeepers were to guard each of the four main entrances into the temple/tabernacle. The gatekeepers had to be reliable, honest, trustworthy because they handled the offerings, they counted everything, cleaned everything, guarded, prepared, maintained it all for the glory of God. The Levites and the priests put a great deal of time into maintaining the temple and the things of the temple because they were doing it for The Lord. They were guarding and caring for the dwelling place of the Most High God. They also spent a lot of time in worship (appreciating God for HIS nature and worth)…prayer, thanksgiving, song, music, offerings, …..ALL of it. This is a reminder for each of us to stop and focus on our creator, our Abba Father through out each of our days….not just run in and run out of church on Sundays (or Saturdays) and move on to the next task in our life. God wants ALL of us… so take time to remember Him during the week… even if you meditate (let one scripture, or one Word of HIS scripture roll over and over in your head) all day long. There are days when I will focus on ONE word such as thanksgiving all day long and as God reveals more to me about that Word I see more and more things I am most thankful for and tell Him about it. He also wants us to care about other people…..are their people in your life you could thank for something?

So… I get to the end of Chapter 9 and think…. WHOA…. didn’t I just read this??? I turn back to chapter 8… yep… I did…not losing “it”…. so why am I reading this again? My Life Application Bible says it is to praise God for anointing Israel’s first king.

Chapter 10 — We have just completed the chronology in chapters 1-9 of Israelite history from creation to the exile in Babylon (586 BC.) In chapter 10 we review the history of Israel’s first king, Saul.
Dagon was the most important god of the Philistines, but just like all other pagan gods, Dagon was powerless against the one true God (1 Samuel 5:1-7) … remember when the Ark of the Covenant was in the Philistine camp and the head of the Dagon statue fell off??? The Ark became like a hot potato and NONE of the Philistine’s wanted it in their camps because they had seen enough of the Ark’s power!!

We are reminded that Saul died because he was unfaithful and he ONLY called on The Lord when it was convenient for him. He seemed to have NO concept of true worship for God. God didn’t answer Saul…so he sought out a medium!! Isn’t there a little Saul in each of us? When we don’t hear from God in our timing we often decide to take matters into our own hands? God allowed the Philistines to attack Saul and his sons leading Saul to commit suicide by falling on his own sword. Saul’s death lead to the official crowing of David as Israel’s king. Through our reading so far we see how loyal Jonathan was to David, realizing David should be the next king and he desired to serve as his first in charge. We also witnessed David’s patience….he was anointed a LONG time ago..in secret to be Israel’s king. Now he is King.

Sharing HIS love,



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