1 Chronicles 6

1 Chronicles 6

Today we only have one chapter to read. But it is a REALLY great chapter to help remind us of who the Levites were. WAY back when… when Levi was born to Jacob and Leah, Levi and his brother Simeon took matters into their own hands to defend their sister, Dinah’s honor. She had been raped and Levi and Simeon decided to kill all the men of that group. Each of those brothers received less or no land then the other brothers. The Levites ended up with no land of their own (because the tithes of the Israelites were supposed to support them). The Levites were to take care of the temple and all that went along with that. In Joshua we read about Cities of Refuge being established throughout all of Israel and Judah so people who accidentally committed crimes could safely live in those cities. The Cities of Refuge were also cities the Levites lived in. Hebron was one of the Cities of Refuge.

As you read this chapter think about worship and music. WHO is the worship and music for? Although when we spend time worshipping God and singing praises to HIM we certainly enter HIS presence and are changed. However, the worship and music were set up from the very beginning as a way for us to commune with God…. ALL praise, worship, and music are for HIS glory. The Lord set this up from the very beginning.

After today we will have 4 more chapters of genealogies to read through. I challenge you to have fun with it… what names do you recall….what cities do you recall…let God show you things. After the next 4 chapters we will return to the wonderful story of David. Know that when we read the genealogies we go back in time….as well as forward which is why it can be confusing. Just let The Lord show you what HE wants to touch you with…even it is ONE name…or One thing….. and feel free to share on the blog or shoot me an email.

Even if when I don’t recognize any of the names I understand the name Levi. Who they are, where they came from, their purpose to the Lord…etc. And that is cool!
Kohath: I bet you remembered this one …Moses’ Family.

Aaron the FIRST High Priest. Think about that He was first and Jesus was the last.

Moses. Father Moses… the Deliverer who lead the Israelites out of Egypt (Jesus is our Deliverer)

Miriam..as a little girl she placed her youngest brother in a basket into the NIle so Pharaoh’s daughter would rescue him and raise him in safety. She also sang the song with a tambourine about “The horse and rider fell into the sea.” She and Aaron had a little sibling rivalry going on with Moses as adults and God left her as a leper. However

Moses prayed to God and God healed her after only a few days rather than leaving her like this for a life time. Moses interceded on her behalf.

Nahab and Abihu. The two sons of Aaron that brought unauthorized fire and were killed on the spot.

Eleazer became the next high priest

Phinehas – remember he saw the Israelite man bring the Midianite woman INTO their camp IN FRONT of Moses and enter the tent to have sex as a form of worship to the Midianite gods!! Phinehas murdered both at the same time while in the midst of the “horizontal mambo” and saved Israel from a plague.

Ithamar was the last son, put in charge of Worship services in the tabernacle.

Vs 22 Amminadab Aaron’s father in law
Elkanah Samuel’s father. Samuel’s mother was Hannah who prayed for him and made a Nazirite vow for his life.

Uzzah (Vs 29) I don’t want to ruin it for some but he dies…wait for it…and I am sure we
will talk about it!

Vs 30 Haggai, do you think this is one of the minor prophets?

Temple Musicians. Musical Worship is not for us, it is for Him to hear. God LOVES us to make a “sweet sweet sound in HIS ear.” And that doesn’t mean you need to be musically inclined… God hears our hearts and hears with ears….from our heart to his ears….. music that flows from our mouth.. directly to HIS ears. So never worry about what the person next to you thinks…. it is not for them!!! It is for HIM!!

The last part of this Chapter was land distribution. It is important to remember that the Levites were never given specific territories. Their inheritance was to serve the Tabernacle and later the temple. The Levites were allotted towns and pasturelands sporadically through the whole region so that each tribe was in a short distance from them.

As you read were you able to remember the 12 tribes and who the Reubenites, Gadites, and 1/2 of Mannasah were?

Sharing HIS love,


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