We begin reading 1 Chronicles.

The purposed of 1 Chronicles was to unify God’s people, to trace the Davidic line, and to teach that genuine worship ought to be the center of individual and national life. The author is said to have been Ezra. It was written to the nation of Israel. It was written in approximately 430BC recording events that occurred from about 1000-960BC.

First Chronicles parallels 2 Samuel and serves as a commentary on it. This was written after the exile from a priestly point of view. It emphasizes the religious history of Judah and Israel.

First and Second Chronicles were originally one book. First Chronicles begins with Israel’s lineage beginning with Adam with special emphasis on David’s royal line. It reminds us of how important tracing our lineage can be. We will read about David who “was a man after God’s heart,” laid out the plans for the construction and worship in the temple.


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