1 Chronicles 1-2

OH BOY!!! What a list of names right??? zzzzzzzzzzzzz … OK… OK…. I’m awake!!
By retelling Israel’s history in genealogies and the stories of the kings. Ezra was lying down the TRUE SPIRITUAL foundation for the nation. AS you read this think of God’s promises you have read so far and how those promises relate to the names to the names of the people you can recall having read about. Also allow this to speak to you personally. HOW you may be asking?? The simple thing is that God makes each of us special. We EACH have a special purpose for HIM. Our names won’t be in the lists we are currently reading…. but they will be in the Lamb’s book of Life!!! Hallelujah!!

Did you notice any familiar names?
Seth (the son God gave them to replace Abel),
Enoch (walked with God for 300 years and God took him to heaven without death to protect him from the flood),
Methuselah (the oldest man to ever live)
Noah (the deliverer from the flood)
Shem –father of the Hebrew Nation
Ham — (was cursed by Noah for mocking his nakedness) –father of the Canaanites and others
Japheth–father of the Gentile nation
Terah descendant of Seth, father of Abraham
Abraham father of Ishmael (with Hagar) and Isaac (with Sarah)
Midian also a son of Abraham with Keturah, Jethro–Moses father in law is a Midianite
Ishmael — father of the Arab nation, and father of 12 tribes
Isaac–father of the Hebrew/Israelite nation, and father of Esau and Jacob/Israel
Esau — also known as Edom and Edomites — a pagan nation
Jacob/Israel — stole Esau’s birthright and then the blessing, father of 12 tribes that will make up the Israelite nation.
Sons on Jacob/Israel–Reuben, Simeon, Levi (the priests….Moses and Aaron come from this tribe and Moses is Israel’s deliverer from the Egyptians), Judah (lion of Judah, the tribe David and Jesus will come from), Isaachar, Zebulun, Dan, Joseph (remember Joseph had two sons Jacob/Israel claimed as his own so Joseph would receive a double portion of the inheritance), Benjamin, Naphiali, Gad, and Asher.
Joseph delivered the Hebrew Nation from the famine and moved them to Egypt with the approval of the Pharaoh. Joseph was seen as a foreshadow of Jesus Christ.
Judah had Er who was so evil that The Lord killed him… that is ALL we know about him.
Judah had two sons by his daughter-in-law Tamar because he did not keep his promise to her for his youngest son after the death of his two oldest.
Perez was one of the sons from Judah and Tamar
Salmon was a descendant of Perez who married Rahab (the prostitute who helped the two spies in Jericho…Caleb and Joshua)
Salmon and Rahab were the parents of Boaz who married Ruth (the Moabite) were the parents of Obed, the father of Jesse, the father of David.
The Caleb mentioned in 2:18 on, is not the same Caleb that was one of the spies.
The Jonathan mentioned here is not Saul’s son.

Those were there names I remembered…. how about you?

Sharing HIS love,



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