Psalms 121, 123-125, 128-130

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Psalm 121 – This is another of the Psalms of ascent (for when they climbed the Temple steps.)  Reading this Psalm brings me SOOOOOO much peace and I automatically take in this HUGE, deep refreshing burst of air then slowly release it as I read each Word.  Although it is credited as being from an anonymous writer many believe it was written it was written by Hezekiah.  What an awesome expression of our assurance and hope in God’s protection…day and night…in ALL our comings and goings.  God NEVER needs sleep.  HE is ALWAYS on HIS best game –NO wink—NO blink—NO nod!!  In verse 7, the NIV uses the phrase “keep me from all harm…”  In the KJV the word used in place of harm is “preserve” which means “to keep, guard, observe, give heard, have charge of, protect, save life.”)  We are ALWAYS safe!!!  AHHHHHHHHHH….. BIG exhale!!

Psalm 123 – This is another Psalm of ascent and another credited as anonymous but scholars believe it was also written by Hezekiah.  Although we have not read about Hezekiah yet…can you sense what a special person he was?  He looks to God for mercy.  He keeps his focus on God waiting and watching for HIS mercy – crying out to him because he KNEW the evil and proud offered NO help…NEVER COULD…NEVER WILL!!

Psalm 124 – WHAT a powerful message from David that GOD ALONE IS OUR DELIVERER!!  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by circumstances, world politics, natural disasters, terrorist activity, health challenges, etc.?  Remember GOD is ALWAYS with us and ALWAYS provides a way out.  Sometimes the “way out” is recalling the ways we have seen HIM work in our past… resting in HIM…calmingly TRUSTING HIM!!  NO problems or circumstances are EVER too difficult for HIM.  “Our help is in the name of the Lord!” verse 8.

Psalm 125—Another Psalm of ascent credited again as anonymous but many believe the author was Hezekiah.  He is reminding us GOD IS our protector.  “Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion (mountains symbolize God’s protection for HIS people) which cannot be shaken but endures forever.”   The LORD “surrounds” HIS people!!   God NEVER changes.  He cannot be shaken by ANYthing!  He endures forever!!

Psalm 128 – Also a Psalm of ascent.  However, this Psalm is called “the marriage prayer” because it was often sung at Israelite marriages.  God is the TRUE head of the home!! Actually, HE is the head of ALL.  Again, the author is anonymous but many believe it was Hezekiah.  “Blessed are all who fear the Lord….walk in HIS ways…blessing and prosperity be yours…blessed is the man who fears the Lord…”  Keeping our focus on God and living in HIS ways does NOTHING less than enrich out lives….HIS love…mercy…grace…integrity…the Master Promise Keeper!!!

Psalms 129-130 – Each of these are Psalms of ascent.  Both show the author is anonymous but many believe the author was Hezekiah.

129:3—“plowmen have plowed my back and made their furrows long.”  THIS is a foreshadow of Christ and the 39 lashes he received with the cat of nine tails.  This beating and torture surely left deep, gaping furrows in our Lord’s back!

The focus of Psalm 129 is to remain confident in God in times of persecution.  We cannot depend on the temporary things in this world….they WILL fail us…they will fade away.  GOD is ALWAYS with us..ETERNAL….faithful and true.  “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  (Matthew 6:21)

Psalm 130 reminds us of the assurance of God’s forgiveness.  “I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in HIS Word I put my hope.” (Verse 5)

Verse 7 – “…the LORD is unfailing love and with HIM is FULL redemption.  HE HIMSELF will redeem Israel from ALL their sins.”  What a great reminder of ALL Jesus did for us so we could be forgiven of ALL our sins.  THANK GOD!!!  He does NOT keep a record of our sins when we repent and know HIM as our Lord and Savior.

“His Love Endures Forever” by Chris Tomlin

Sharing HIS love,


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