Today…tomorrow.. we begin a NEW book 🙂

The book of 2 Samuel tells us David’s story.  We will finally witness the crowning of David as Israel’s king.  The Ark of the Covenant is brought back to the Tabernacle and he leads his armies to victory over their enemies.  The conquest of the Promised Land will be completed under David’s reign.  ALL of this was accomplished because David’s leadership was under the leadership of God!!  We are shown that ONE person can make a HUGE difference ESPECIALLY when they put their trust in God!!  David will show us qualities that are pleasing to God and he is a foreshadow of Christ.  David sought God as the leader of an imperfect kingdom.  Christ will be the ideal leader of a new and perfect KINGDOM!!!

As much as David accomplished for God we will see that he was “just” a man … imperfect…sinful…just like you and me.  He committed sins that are forever part of history.  Yet in God’s grace and mercy we still remember David as “a man after God’s own heart.”

So… let’s get ready to read our exciting piece of history with David through a whole NEW set of eyes.  Allow our Almighty God to write HIS Words FRESH upon your heart.

Have you ever spoken to anyone in our country’s military?  Have you ever heard them prepare themselves mentally to go into battle as a TEAM?  Today I had the extreme pleasure and tremendous blessing of hearing LCDR Rorke Denver, a Navy Seal.  During his presentation he explained how important battle cries were in ancient times (such as David’s time) as well as in current times.  He explained how a battle cry helps to prepare the group mentally to step into harms way KNOWING their team has their back without any doubts.  I thought about how God has our backs ALL the time and HE wants to fight our battles…ALL of THEM.

A battle cry builds strength.  LCDR Rorke reminded us that we are in a battle to be our BEST, do our BEST at all times.  He had the audience do a few exercises (LITERALLY!!)  And then he asked in his very commanding voice that EACH of us SHOUT in our loudest voices — a battle cry.  On his cue you heard EVERYONE SHOUT <<<<<< “HOOYAH!!!”>>>>>  OH MY HEAVENS… I felt as if that one task shook the earth.  I cannot begin to express all that flashed through my mind about David’s battles, my battles, and at the same time the deep sense of gratitude and pride I have always had for our men and women who serve our country for ME and for YOU to enjoy the freedoms we have.  For one moment I was able to SHOUT a battle cry for me and for them!!

God Bless Us Everyone!!

Sharing HIS deep, abiding, forever love!!

NOW… Are you ready for 2 Samuel????


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