Psalms 17, 35, 54, 63

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Psalm 17 — “Hear O Lord, my righteous plea”  How often do we cry out to God?  AS HE DESIRES US TO DO!!  When David spoke of  “my righteous plea” it was not because he thought he was perfect.  He simply understood his relationship with God and WHO GOD WAS.  This Psalm is a plea for justice in the face of false accusations and persecution.  Yet in the midst of all David faced this Psalm urges us to KNOW our TRUE GOAL in life which is to KNOW GOD….have a heart for HIM!!  And what is our true reward — to SEE HIM face to face one day!!  David continually sought God.

vs 3 –“I have RESOLVED that my mouth will not sin!!” — This is a DECISION!! A CHOICE!!

vs 6 — “I call on you O God for you will answer me.” — WHAT CONFIDENCE!!

vs 8 — “Keep me as the apple of your eye.”  –We protect our eyes with sunglasses, work glasses, other protective head gear  because our eyes are most delicate.  We shield them from foreign objects just as God protects and shields us.

vs 15 — The Word “awake” shows that David believed in life after death.

I am reminded in this series of Psalms how close David ws to God.  He KNEW his righteousness came ONLY from his relationship with God.  As a young shepherd David had learned to depend on God and seek him diligently, daily, moment by moment.  He KNEW God’s character and who he was in God.  As a shepherd, David probably made his own harp and used the intestines of a dead sheep for the strings so he could continually praise God as he watched over his sheep.  Remember how David looked at Goliath?  David KNEW HIS GOD was the ultimate warrior.  Therefore, Goliath would be NO problem for God…he was simply the instrument God used to defeat Goliath.  He also reflected on the large animals he had killed with his sling shot and rocks.  David KNEW God was the SUPREME protector and shared in detail that God protected him …. just as HE does us.

Psalm 35 — David’s honesty is raw.  Most likely this was written while Saul was chasing David.  This psalm is called an “imprecatory” (cursing) psalm.  It is a cry for help.  The words of the psalm may seem harsh but in David’s heart he could not understand why he was forced to flee from men unjustly seeking to kill him.  He had already been anointed King!!!  He call for justice was sincere — not a cover up for revenge.  His words allow us to see his faith in God, a  God he KNEW he could open up to in his cry for help.  David also reminds us to take a strong stand against sin and evil.  I’m sure we have all been through trials where we knew we were not sinless, but the pain was relentless ~~~ and our trust in God allowed us to cry out to HIM from the depths of our souls.  If you have been anything like me I’ve had prayers like this where God gave me HIS peace that passeth understanding so I could fall asleep even with tears streaming down my cheeks and onto my pillow.  God IS our DEFENDER!!  And as we saw in Joshua — HE wants to fight our battles FOR US — THROUGH US!!

Psalm 54 — This song was most likely written when the Ziphites had gone to Saul to tell him where David was hiding.  This psalm is another call for God to overcome our enemies.

Surely God is my help the Lord is the one who sustains me.”

I will praise your name, O Lord.”

EVEN in his pain, fear, and being attacked David sang out — I WILL PRAISE YOUR NAME!!  ~~~  What a lesson for each of us.

David was not afraid to express his true feelings and needs.  As David expressed his circumstances and opened his heart he was always able to refocus on God.  And isn’t that what God desires each of us to do?  Come to HIM.  Seek HIM.  ASK HIM.  Praise HIM. and “and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of HIS glory and grace.

Psalm 63 — “Earnestly I seek you…my soul thirsts for you.”  David was in the desert of Judah when this was written.  David’s focus in the Psalm is to remind us to ALWAYS have a desire for God’s presence, provision, and protection.  Regardless of the depths of our pain, uncountable sleepless nights, challenging financial or health issues…. GOD can and WILL bring us HIS peace.  HE will draw us near to HIM, “His love is better than life.”  Praise Him ~~ Glorify Him ~~ Claim HIM as your HELP.  Let HIM protect you.  Cling to HIM and you will be able to be strong and courageous regardless of your circumstances.  David made a decision to follow God…not perfect…totally human…yet God called him a man after God’s own heart!!!

“I have decided to follow Jesus” by Amy Grant

Sharing HIS love,


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