1 Samuel 25-27

Click here for the reading of 25-27. 

Chapter 25 – Samuel died.  He was Israel’s last Judge.  His mother Hannah prayed for a son and made a Nazirite vow if God would bless her with a boy.  IF God would allow her to have a son THEN she would dedicate him to the service of God for all of his life.  Hannah kept her promise and took little Samuel to the High Priest, Eli, as soon as she had weaned him.  Samuel had been Israel’s spiritual leader.  As a young boy and as an adult he was always careful to listen and obey God.  Now with Samuel gone Israel would be without a spiritual leader until David became King.  He anointed Israel’s first two kings, Saul and David.  Sadly he won’t see David reign.

David came before Nabal (his name means “fool”) who was very rich and asked for food for him and his men.  You might think this interaction was quite bold of David.  However, the tradition of the day was hospitality.  If total strangers came to your house … you were to feed them (and it didn’t matter how many.)  The other interesting tidbit is that David and his men had been protecting Nabal’s work force while living in the nearby caves.  David’s protection of Nabal was part of Nabal’s prosperity.  YET – Nabal — just didn’t get it and refused to feed them!!  Once I learned this, Abigail’s actions made so much more sense to me.

Abigail (means “my father is joy”) knew what had happened and lost NO time getting food to David and his men.  She KNEW just what to say at a critical time (protecting her husband from dying at the hands of David….and protecting David from murdering someone.)  Abigail KNEW David had been appointed leader of Israel and would one day be the King.  Nabal true to his name… had NO clue what had happened.  Abigail waiting till the morning to tell him what she did (after his drunkenness wore off… too bad his foolishness wouldn’t wear off.)  When Abigail told him, he died of shock when he realized his actions to a future King could very well have caused his death.

David chose Abigail as his wife.  We are told he had another wife named Ahinoam of Jezreel.  The last verse is quite interesting.  Saul had given his daughter Michal to Phalti (means “my deliverance” and he was a Benjamite) the son of Laish (means “lion”) of Gallim (means  “springs” and was a place north of Jerusalem.)  Ummmmmm….wasn’t Michal already married to David??  Yepper!!  Just another insight we have into Saul!!! We will hear from Michal again in 2 Samuel 3:12-16, so stay tuned!!  <<<smile>>>

Chapter 26 – The Ziphites (means “smelters”.  They lived in Ziph which was a town in the tribe of Judah) approached Saul to tell him David was hiding in their area.  Naturally Saul decided to PURSUE DAVID AGAIN!!  I honestly felt like I was rereading Chapter 24….same scenario…different people…different place.   David ONCE AGAIN was close enough to Saul, without him knowing it, to kill him.  Abishai (means “my father is Jesse” or “my father is a gift” … he was a grandson of Jesse and nephew of David) showed great courage by telling David he would enter Saul’s camp without anyone knowing and would kill him.  David, once again showed us his character by telling Abishai not to kill Saul since he was still the king and out of respect for him he could not permit him to be murdered.  However, David did allow him to enter the camp and steal Saul’s spear and water jug.  Saul “makes nice” the next day and calls to David.  David responds and tells him… ummmmmm…. Saul….. you MIGHT want to KNOW that I could have KILLED you last night while you were sleeping but I did not.  BUT…here is your spear and water jug to PROVE just how close I was to you.

Saul of course becomes his usual repentant self (because he was caught between a rock and hard place… in the south we call people like that “whiney butts”.) GEEZE!!!  SAUL SAUL SAUL!!!  However, Saul is one who makes each of us think.  Are we more like Saul or like David??  Saul spent his ENTIRE reign as king trying to kill the enemy of his mind!!  David was NOT his enemy and did not want to be.  Look at how many years Saul spent focused on the wrong things.  He had many, many chances to do the right things … but CHOSE to focus on the enemy his mind had concocted….what a waste!!  Again… are you a Saul or a David??

Chapter 27 – David is wise enough to KNOW Saul will not keep his word!!  (HOW can he at this point??? – The Lord departed from him LONG ago!!!)   David and his men go live in the land of the PHILISTINES!!!!  WWWHHHHAAATTTT!!!!  I KNOW!!!  Talk about “living with the enemy!!!”  The king of Gath accepted David, his family, and his men – I MEAN WHY wouldn’t the king Achish WANT a “traitor” with David’s strength and determination on HIS side!!!???  David, his men, and their families put on a good show for the Philistines.  BUT… David and his men went out COMPLETELY destroyed enemies of Israel. He left NO one behind who would be able to tell what he did.  When Achish asked David where he had been “raiding that day,” David lied about where he had been so Achish thought he was destroying Israelites!!  His lying kept him alive and his men and their families safe; however it also reminds us that David was not perfect.

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