1 Samuel 21-24

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Today’s entry may be a bit different from the usual entries.  It is really early on Saturday morning (or very late on Friday night depending on how you want to say it), but I want all you early birds to have the opportunity to read this first thing since tomorrow is Saturday.

Chapter 21:  David goes to Nob. Nob is the priestly city in Benjamin territory.  Saul is a Benjaminite!!!!. Ohhhhhh.  AHHH HAAAAA…… you got it… he is IN THE TERRITORY of the very man chasing him!!!!

  1. 21:2  David Lied!  He is fearful and LIED.
  2. 21:4  OK… so David asks for bread, or anything he can find so he can take with him for his men on this “special mission.”  Ummmmmmm…..the priest gives David the “showbread”… the bread that is to STAY in the Holy Place in the Tabernacle…. Consecrated for the priests only (originally), but now consecrated bread provided for men who have kept themselves from women.
  3. 21:9 They think David is on a Mission for Saul so they arm him up with the SWORD used to cut off Goliath’s head and David accepts it!!
  4. 21:10 WHY was David so weird in front of the King of Gath?  Gath is one of the five large cities of the Philistines ….. as in Goliath….as in the ENEMY!!!   He had to get out of there FAST… so David pretends to be insane…making marks on the doors, letting saliva run down his beard!!  The king of Gath says get him OUT of here, I have enough crazy people to deal with!!

Chapter 22:

  1. David’s family gathers around him….. about 400 men volunteered to be in his army!!
  2. David left his family in the hands of the king of Moab, at first appearance it might not seem like such a good idea …. BUT WHO was David’s great grandmother ….. REMEMBER RUTH????  Ruth was a Moabite.  David’s family (father Jesse) are safe.
  3. I realize Saul was desperate and used anyone who would follow him, BUT… Saul is king over the Israelites AND he is using Doeg who was the CHIEF of Saul’s herdsmen.  Doeg was an EDOMITE…. A descendant of Esau, not an Israelite.  NOTICE—the Israelites REFUSED to kill the priests of the LORD!!  (GOOD FOR  THE Israelites!!)
  4. Saul has Doeg kill the priests of Nob.  The priests didn’t know any better, they believed David’s lie.  DAVID’s LIE (sin) had a HUGE CONSEQUENCE.  The consequence was many people lost their lives believing, never doubting, they were doing something good for Saul.  Oh Heavens…….we are all sinners and fall short of God’s plan…how often do our personal choices have consequences that impact many others??

Chapter 23

  1. Keilah was in Judah.  David was told that the Philistines were fighting against Keilah so he goes back into dangerous territory to save the Israelites at the hands of the Philistines (again)!!  Before David went into Keilah TWICE, “HE INQUIRED OF THE LORD, should I attack these Philistines?”
  2. God answered and told him HE would give the Philistines into his hands.
  3. David heard that Saul was plotting against him.  He asked the priest who had escaped the massacre of Nod, to bring the ephod.  David then goes before the Lord for direction.  David and his warriors are on the run again when God reveals to them that Saul will come to Keilah and the men of Keilah will surrender him to Saul!!
  4. Saul had come out to kill David.  Jonathan went to David to help him find strength in God.  Jonathan and David plan the future … David will be King of Israel and Jonathan will be his second in command.
  5. Saul and David are SO close to each other, just on the opposite side of the mountain from each other and someone comes to Saul to tell him the Philistines are attacking and he must return!!  GOD’S TIMING!!

Chapter 24

AMAZING how quickly word traveled “back in the day.”  I don’t know what they had….but Saul certainly found out information quickly!!!

  1. Saul comes to the place he thinks David may be and goes to the “relieve himself” according to the NIV.  However, in the KJV the words used are that “he went to cover his feet”. David and his men were far back in the cave Saul chose went to rest.
  2. David is convicted for cutting off the corner of Saul’s robe because it is such a disgraceful thing to do to his master, and anointed by the Lord.  So David makes all his men leave the cave without attacking Saul.
  3. LOOK at David’s character in dealing with Saul!!!  He treats him with respect, BUT lets him KNOW that the LORD delivered him from David’s hands that day because David COULD have killed him!! He reminds Saul that he has done NOTHING wrong to him.  “NOW may the Lord judge between you and me.”  And may the Lord avenge the wrongs you have done to me, BUT MY hand will NOT touch you!!
  4. David gives his oath to Saul that he will not kill his descendants or wipe his name out from his father’s family.
  5. David did mess up in today’s reading, but he also made things right with God, and returned to his loving arms.
  6. David—integrity, compassion, respectful, a man after God’s own heart!!!  WOW!!!

1 Sam 21 24 david_robe

I could have killed you but I didn’t.  Now do you believe me Saul!!!????

David truly is a man of character!!

Sharing HIS love,


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