I just want to apologize for all the advertisements WordPress is now using on the blog.  Wordpress is free to me so I should have expected this sooner.

I also want to apologize and warn you that WORDPRESS is underlining words in my text that will “kindly” take you to places you may not want to go.  I noticed today that when I used the word “betting” it was underlined and I KNOW I had not done it.  When I lightly allowed my mouse to cross over the word .. a little ad came up about gambling!!  IF you see this.. KNOW I did not do it!!!  

I KNOW nothing is free, but this just started within the last few days.

Again I apologize and I just wanted each of you to know I have NOTHING to do with any of the ads  or words THEY are underlining!!

Most sincerely and greatly disappointed in WordPress,



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